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Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 12:20PM The future King of England and his bride, of course they would have a lavious style wedding and the Dutchess would wear the finest made dresses available, it is to be expected. With all the adulations given I think we need to keep things in perspective

Prince William and Kate Middleton Bestowed Titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Apr 29th 2011 3:18PM I awoke this morning wanting to hear my local American news before I left my home for work, but every channel had this wedding on. I resent being held hostage like that, This coverage should only have been on the cable news channels NIOT on local networks..... I AM AN AMERICAN NOT BRITISH AND REALLY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THIS WEDDING!

Roger Huerta Caught on Tape in Street Fight

Aug 5th 2010 11:56PM Look at all the white people rooting for the mexican but you're the same people that want to deport his mother and family back to mexico but he's ok to stay because he's good entertainment for you........hypocrits

Roger Huerta Caught on Tape in Street Fight

Aug 5th 2010 9:10PM Roger can consider himself lucky this time in this day and age the next time he wants to be an impulsive hero could be his last.

Roger Huerta Caught on Tape in Street Fight

Aug 5th 2010 7:03PM If this was a professional boxer he would have been arrested on the spot. Huerta fight for a living so his hands are considered leathal weapons under the law so how come he hasn'r been arreested and charged with attempted homicide

Glenn Beck Gets Personal

Jul 20th 2010 12:32PM The rain falls on the just and unjust boo hoo, let him pull himself up by his bootstraps and deal with it......Isn't that the consevatives mantra ?

Are You a 99er? Unemployment Benefits Are Over, What to Do?

Jul 8th 2010 10:48AM Sure, there is plenty of work out there in agriculture picking fruit and vegetables since since we don't want the mexicans to do it anymore.

What Are the Summer Outfits You Hate Seeing Guys Wear?

Jul 2nd 2010 6:55PM I don't really give a crap what women think I will wear what I want AND how I want to wear it. I am so sick of articles like this and society in general telling me how it's suppose to be. If you don't like what I be wearing that's your problem to deal with, more than likely I don't know you so what the hell should I care about your opinions of how I dress..

Michael Kirkham Dies Following Pro MMA Debut

Jun 28th 2010 7:36PM Why is anyone surprised ? You knew this would happen sooner or later in this glorified back alley brawling......Stay tuned for the next episode

Kim Kardashian Messes Up Justin Bieber's Hair

Jun 15th 2010 12:06PM That young girlish look in HollyWood ? The boy's in trouble


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