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Should Casey Anthony Pose for Playboy?

Jul 7th 2011 12:14AM The porn producers who originally made an offer for XXX WITHDREW it because they found out that people found Casey's actions reprehensible and would not buy the product. Wow-if pornographers don't want sleazy is she!

Singer Joss Stone Targeted in Robbery, Murder Plot

Jun 15th 2011 9:28PM jaguar....the ex-boyfriend in question who is demanding money for songs written about their break-up would be the ex of Adele-not Joss.

Insider: Paris Hilton Blames Network for Bad Ratings

Jun 6th 2011 7:39PM Maybe the ratings were low because NOBODY IS INTERESTED

Katie Couric Set to Sign ABC Talk Show Contract

Jun 6th 2011 12:40PM Yet another reason I will NOT be watching ABC. Soaps are a silly fun "guilty pleasure" away from the real world. We all know they are pretend. These vacuous talk shows-what is ABC calling them "lifestyle shows"-actually think they are real shows with real advice!!!! MORONS

Lindsay Lohan Gets Restraining Order Against Delusional Stalker

May 20th 2011 9:35PM You are so correct! I cannot believe she is 24. She looks more like 50. Too many nights of booze and drugs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Took Care' of Baby Mama

May 19th 2011 6:40PM She claims to have worn Maria's clothes. REALLY!!!!! Maria is thin to the point og gaunt and this woman is a sow. If that chunky sow put on Maria's clothing-they fabric would have ripped.

'DWTS' Judge Bruno Tonioli Makes Karina Smirnoff Feel 'Dirty'

May 17th 2011 11:17PM When did Karina get married? I heard she and Maxim were engaged at one point....but he is Russian, too. So-what American did Karina marry?

Thieves Prey on Starbucks Customers

May 2nd 2011 9:19PM Absolutely!!!! And-REALLY-why on earth does anybody think Starbuck's is responsible for the stupidity of their patrons? If you are stupid enough to leave your stuff at the table unguarded while you go to the bathroom-it is almost as if you deserve to have it stolen. Like you-I have little sympathy for that sort of idiocy.

Lorenzo Lamas Marries Wife No. 5

May 1st 2011 9:57PM He certainly has not aged as well as his father-I totally agree.
Oh-Joan-Fernando was married FOUR times, not twice.

What Happened After the Kiss(es): First Dance, Speeches & More

May 1st 2011 10:14AM The Spencers only paid part of the cost of that wedding just as the Middletons only paid part of the cost. The Queen paid most of it out of her own money....aside from security which is a public cost. And before you say it-yes there was more security at this wedding...possibly because terrorists are stupid and make threats and cost the rest of us money. At any rate-the wedding cost less than a lot of the mega-million "star" weddings have cost. Madonna supposedly spent something like $1.2 million on her wedding and it was a way smaller event than this one.


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