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Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick Angers Hamptons Neighbors With Hedge Blocking Views

Oct 14th 2012 7:28PM With a company that wealthy he should help out-they made the company rich..
Let's remember that the American tax payer-those of us not wealthy enough to live in the hamptons or the tony towns of New Jersey paid for those people as well-remember those women and all those people who got a million dollars from yours truely-without voting on it...there were people who got a million bucks while firefighters families went on lets not slobber over him-
subsidized 'farmland' and "Trust preserves' are the big joke on the rest of us...they get to build their micki mansions next to a 'farm or preserve that will never be touched-their property values soar-I, for one, feel entitled to visit this 'land' that I have paid for...possibly staying in a tent for the about that liberal hypocrites....

Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick Angers Hamptons Neighbors With Hedge Blocking Views

Oct 14th 2012 7:19PM Curious-all those rich rich rich people...the 1%...out there in the ultra liberal hamptons where they vote in useless people like tim bishop year after year....
Curious-these people are all the same....I'm filthy rich-you're not
Curious-the rest of us are paying for those farm and preserve subsidies so...I'd like to know where this 'view' is and go there for a picnic...

Who's Who in the Royal Wedding Party

Apr 28th 2011 11:02AM Good for the Brits... who survived the Blitz and being over run by many, many foreigners with courtesy, decent behavior and an attitude of...let's just get on with it-----------
as opposed to the looting, rioting, and destruction in places like L.A., Chicago and Haiti-
*The real joke is thestate-run liberal media from the U.S. is swarming all over London, but, next week they'll be back to tell us poor tax payer slobs how to save money by re-cycling paper towels...
obama is off fund-raising while hundreds of people died from storms here-think he'll donate to the relief fund???? LOL

Whoopi Goldberg's Vermont House For Sale

Apr 28th 2011 10:35AM Typical extreme rich liberal hypocrite...went to Vermont to avoid taxes...she used to live in Conn.-
yes-put your money where your mouth is and donate it or give it away ......
oh yeah-don't forget that other wealthy liberal, john kerry, aviding paying taxes on his yacht or claire mc caskill. or geithner...and look at how much money biden has donated...what a joke these liberals are---------

America's "Royal" Wedding vs. the Real Royal Wedding

Apr 26th 2011 7:22AM You got that right !!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortune's Best Companies #3: Wegmans

Jan 9th 2011 9:42AM Wouldn't it be wonderful if this administration was as decent to it's constituents as Wegman is to it's employees and customers???????

Injuries and Trapped Skiers in Lift Accident At Sugarloaf

Dec 28th 2010 6:59PM nope-just your dumb self-centered liberals/democrats who are close friends of barbie frank

2010 White House Gingerbread House Revealed

Dec 12th 2010 9:56PM Simple Gifts?? Say what?? Where are the obamas going on their next vacation?
What huge and inappropriate car will they be driving? How much golf and basketball will this person play while millions are out of work because of his policies? Why can't the obamas go back to their 'home' in Chicago...afterall didn't obama and michele 'help' alot of people in Chicago?

Tips for Facing Infertility During the Holidays


Passengers Stage Protest on Ryanair Flight

Nov 17th 2010 8:20PM Typical French reaction-no understanding-just whining and protest-*remember that France is the country that left thousands of elderly to die during the August heatwave when they left for one of their many can have the French-


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