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Mom Defends Decision to Give 8-Year-Old Daughter, Britney Campbell, Botox (Video)

May 13th 2011 4:57AM This child was prompted with her answers to the questions....especially about the "wrinkles". Notice when she was asked why she "wanted" botox, she answered "I don't know" and her mother (and I use that term loosely) prompted her about the alledged wrinkles. Kiddie pageants should be banned.

Confessions of a Census Worker

May 29th 2010 6:23AM It's a Government job....of course it's system is broken!

Family Fight Forced Plane to Turn Around

May 3rd 2010 10:21PM His parents should have just smacked the shit out of him! That's how it would have been handled 30 years ago...and his psche would not have been damaged. But he would have been embarassed enough to NEVER pull that stunt again!!

Down With Performance Reviews

Apr 29th 2010 10:30PM There's nothing wrong with a performance review IF you're doing your job! I worked for a company that utilized performance reviews along with mid-year reviews. There WAS a spin on it though. All employees did their OWN evaluation and the supervisors did one as well. Then the two evaluations were compared, necessary changes made, both parties in agreement and signed. It was a great tool because it required direct input from the employee being evaluated. They HAD to be honest about how they perceived their own performance. Strengths and weaknesses were discussed. Goals were set in place during mid-year reviews to aid in achieving a good annual review. During my 11 years with them, not one of my peers had been "let go" due to poor performance and I really believe that the way the reviews were conducted were a huge reason for the longevity of the employees. If not for a massive lay-off in which a position held by thousands nationwide had been eliminated entirely, I'd still be there.

'Avatar': Fun Fantasy or Political Statement?

Dec 24th 2009 5:09AM It amazes me how an article about a sci-fi movie quickly turns racial...and it's almost always an african-american who does it. Tell you what...if you hate white people so much then GO BACK TO AFRICA!!!!!

Over 50, and Zero Job Offers

Nov 21st 2009 7:44PM Age most certainly DOES play a part as does a college degree (or lack of). I was laid off from an excellent job after being with them for nearly 11 years of service...service for which was highly recognized. Although, the position was eliminated which affected nearly 50% of the sales force, it was more due to the ages of those in the position and lack of a college degree. That will never be admitted to by said company, but everyone knew that was the real reason. Further, due to all knowing this was the underlying reason, one of the stipulations in the severence package agreement was giving up our right to file suit against them. If it were a legitimate reason for the eliminations, say due to the economy, why would that have been in the agreement??? Since, I haven't had a bit of luck finding new employment...all due to a lack of a degree and probably my age which is 46 years.

No Degree? 7 Ways to Sell Your Experience

Mar 26th 2009 7:19AM There are so many people out of work these days that hiring professionals are swamped with resumes. Naturally, with a wealth of applicants, they're going to choose someone who has college on their resume. It seems that (any more) if you don't have college, they don't even want to speak with you. Let's face it....experience doesn't mean anything if you don't have the college degree to go with it.


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