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McDonald's Feeling the Heat After Racist Sign Hoax

Jun 13th 2011 10:57PM People can't truly be that stupid to believe something like this. If they do, I hope to he!! they don't vote!!!!!

Who Was Crowned the Most Beautiful Royal of All Time?

Apr 24th 2011 9:17AM You have a glaring omission in the Top 5, and that's Princess Haya of Jordan (now Dubai).

Obama on Health: Stunning Arrogance or the Edmund Burke Theory of Leadership?

Mar 4th 2010 2:45PM We recently elected a BLACK President???????
I must have been in hibernation and missed that.

The last election I am aware of, we did elect a HALF black President.

Johnny Weir 'Loves Wearing Dead Animals,' Calls Animal Rights Activists 'Crazy Fur People'

Feb 18th 2010 6:35PM Nothing wrong with wearing fur if he chooses too.
The PETA people will just have to deal with it. They are definitely the lunatic fringe!! Then again, if a PETA supporting starlet wants to get naked for her cause.....

Carly Fiorina Enters California Senate Race to Unseat Barbara Boxer

Nov 5th 2009 3:04PM This author lost ALL her credibility when she called McCain and Graham "conservative"!!

Propofol Killed Michael Jackson; Death Reportedly Ruled a Homicide

Aug 25th 2009 7:22PM Why in the world is THIS news now? They knew from the beginning that MJ didn't overdose himself. If he didn't do it himself, it is, and was then, homocide.

It must be a VERY slow news week!

Sarah Palin to Step Down as Governor of Alaska

Jul 3rd 2009 9:32PM It's absolutely amazing how the libs love to bash Sarah...she, quite simply, scares them to death...she's everybody's favourite American woman, with morals and a backbone. That's what's so terrifying to them.

Comparing her "smarts" to the empty suit we're now calling POTUS is absurd. He's inexoribly marching us to Marxism as the rest of the world is running away from it. The man hasn't as much as managed a lemonade stand!

John McCain's Campaign Staffers Unload on Sarah Palin

Jun 30th 2009 9:04PM I'm sure the Founding Fathers ARE resting in peace.
And I'm sure Mr Jackson is watching his own skin burn off in hell.
After all, a middle aged man(?) sleeping with others children is, contrary to what Mr Jackson insisted, is NOT "beautiful."

John McCain's Campaign Staffers Unload on Sarah Palin

Jun 30th 2009 8:50PM It's sad that McCain staffers are just a bunch of cry babies looking to place blame for a miserably ran campaign anyplace they (think they) can.
Obama didn't really win as much as McCain lost...but, they have to blame someone. Heaven forbid they ever look in a mirror!

The GOP will continue going down in flames until they leave the moderate position and take a "hard right" where 40% of American voters are. We didn't leave the GOP, the GOP has left us! Until they realize that people like Paul, Keyes, Huckabee, and yes, Palin represent the vast majority, nothing will change for the GOP.


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