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Should You Try a 'Mommy Cleanse'?

Jul 15th 2011 2:25PM "Mommy Cleanse" sounds like the abortion pill in drink form.

Delta Air Lines charges returning soldiers for checked bags

Jun 8th 2011 10:19AM OK this is just getting stupid. So I'm posting again. BTW no outraged citizens have offered to give me $20 for my service.

American businesses are not here to pay for the war. I am an Iraq War vet and I knew Delta's policies when I traveled with them. It's nothing new. The government supplies me with a Government Travel Card for all transportation costs. I swipe the card, fill out the paperwork, and never pay a dime.

It's the government's responsibility to pay for wars it declares. Not Delta's. The restaurants in the airport don't give away free food to returning soldiers. Where's the outrage over that? The hotels don't give away free stay's to the returning soldiers. Taxi's don't give free rides. All these things are taken care of in the way I described above.

To anyone who's still outraged that vets don't get enough freebies. I'm still waiting for your $20 for my sacrifice for your freedom. Or give me free service at your business. Not suprised that there are no takers.

Delta Air Lines charges returning soldiers for checked bags

Jun 8th 2011 8:59AM Hi. I'm an Iraq War veteran. So to everyone who complains that Delta doesn't give away enough free stuff, reply to my post and I'll give you my address so you can send me $20.

Also if you put the extra baggage fee on your travel voucher, the government pays for it. And if you use your government travel card, nothing comes out of your pocket.

Delta has always been super supportive and the people very friendly when I travel for military business and they can't be expected to work for the government for free. But seriously give me $20.

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 3:19PM Thank God they didn't name the baby Hope.

Great story. Happy for everyone. I just hate whenever there's an inspirational story that ends with a birth and the kid is named Hope or something similar. I know it was a boy but I was sure they were going to figure out a way to name him Faith or Miracle or Grace or Nevaeh or Esperanza. So corny and unimaginative.

I'm probably a horrible person.

Rebecca Black: 'I'm Absolutely Not Pregnant'

May 16th 2011 9:02AM a pedophile. She's thirteen.

Mom Defends Decision to Give 8-Year-Old Daughter, Britney Campbell, Botox (Video)

May 12th 2011 11:38AM The kid looked kind of chubby in the interview, but she looked fine in the full body pictures. I'm sure that what this child really needs now is having someone on the internet calling her a fatty.

What Happened After the Kiss(es): First Dance, Speeches & More

May 1st 2011 12:32PM And I thought I was the only dork who was wondering that.

Why Did TSA Pat Down Kids, Adults Getting Off Train?

Mar 1st 2011 8:49AM Stupid that they searched people leaving a train. No question.

Otherwise there is no problem with searches. As long as TSA agents are screened for sex crime convictions, I don't see a problem with any of this. I worked in a hospital in Iraq. I saw what happens when children carrying weapons and hiding bombs came towards the gate. You need to think like a terrorist. If someone wants to bomb a plane, they aren't going to use arab-looking, young men in muslim garb. They'd use white old ladies and cute little aryan babies to smuggle chemicals and weapons on the planes. All races can be brainwashed and muslim extremists aren't the only ones who want to terrorize americans.

Furthermore, if you think that these TSA agents want to look at you, I think you might have a high opinion of yourself. Do you think your doctor is coming onto you when they give you a pap or prostate exam? You know those xrays they take can show your genitals.

Holiday Movies 2010 Preview: 28 Movies We Can't Wait to See

Dec 4th 2010 10:35AM True Grit, I Love You Philip Morris, and definitely The King's Speech are on my list. The Tempest, Burlesque, Tangled, 127 Days, and Tron look good but I might wait til they come out on Netflix.

Just a suggestion, but instead of deciding to support a movie based on one stranger's lifestyle choice, go to see it based on the quality of the work done in the movie. You shouldn't punish the 100's of people who helped to make The Tourist because of who Jolie is sleeping with or how she votes. You should punish them because they made a film that looks boring. Eventually Hollywood will start making movies that aren't as boring, and then we can all go and watch them instead of staying home watching TMZ and reading supermarket celebrity rags.

Holiday Movies 2010 Preview: 28 Movies We Can't Wait to See

Dec 4th 2010 10:07AM I agree with you about Portman. I haven't seen her performance in Black Swan but in everything else she's been in I haven't been impressed. She picks great roles and she's very pretty but she's not a very good actress. In Cold Mountain, she managed to make me bored during what should have been a heart wrenching peformance. Don't get me started on The Other Boylyn girl. She and Scarlet Johansen have the same issue. Beautiful, smart, accompished women who are cast in great movies but give lackluster and unispiring performances.


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