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Faith in Real Estate: Using Divine Intervention to Sell Homes

Sep 7th 2012 2:53PM I think that we should all remember that St. Joseph was jewish, and also the earthly father of Jesus. Catholics do not worship statues. Just as we revere a picture of a loved family member, and look at it often, the same goes for saints. Seeing a statue of someone, reminds you of what they looked like. We have statues of Washington, Lincoln etc. They aren't worshipped, but help us to remember what they looked like. All miracles come through God, even if the saint is a conduit of sorts. Everyone knows God is the supreme being. All of the hate being spouted against Catholics is just plain stupid and bigoted.

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Captain Mexico' ignites fury among Mexicans

Aug 2nd 2011 4:21PM I think all of this commotion about the Kimmel show is ridiculous. If we keep on carrying on over anything that is considered politically incorrect, we're not going to be a free country at all. This was a funny skit, nothing more, nothing less. Get real, and stop carrying on about everything that is meant as a funny skit. There are skits against religions, which are a more serious manners...the religions live on...just as the mexicans will. Mexicans are above this type of being upset over jokes or skits. They are above all else here, Americans.

Mildred Baena on Love Child: 'It Wasn't Arnie's Fault, It Takes Two'

Jun 15th 2011 9:24AM I smell interviews, a tell all book, and so much more. This woman is not stupid and she's probably getting offers from everywhere. Such is the moral standards of the contry. Elevate this stuff to entertainment.

America's "Royal" Wedding vs. the Real Royal Wedding

Apr 26th 2011 11:07AM Hateful,hateful people. There is no comparison between royalty and the weddings we have here. We decided a long time ago, that we did not want royalty. Stop picking on Chelsea, no less her mother or father's parentage. Our country is above that type of thing. We are Americans...not nasty, pitiful individuals.

Victoria Beckham's Style Evolution

Apr 17th 2011 10:24AM I think it's a waste of time and space to put someone with overpriced clothing, a face that shows that she's probably a snob, and what kind of person always looks crabby? I actually wasted my time looking at her pictures and writing this. She's insignificant to most of the world.

Karina Smirnoff in Playboy Could Get 'Dancing' Star in Hot Water

Apr 7th 2011 11:37PM If ABC has a morals clause in her contract that prohits such things as posing nude, she could be fired. Having someone appear on the show of dubious morals is not the same as having one of their "employees" doing something that's not approved matter how many guys are watching and get the "hots" for the dancers.

Judd Family 'Angry and Hurt' About Ashley's Memoir Shockers

Apr 6th 2011 11:57PM You certainly need to have your eyes checked.

Judd Family 'Angry and Hurt' About Ashley's Memoir Shockers

Apr 6th 2011 11:46PM I do believe that she is telling the truth, and if it helps her to set the record straight, why not? Her mother and sister are always looking for publicity, they just got some. Weight issues weren't the only problems they had. The Mother has always wanted attention, and I think she has wounded both her daughters over the years.

Jon and Kate 'Miss Each Other'; Settling Into More Normal Lives

Feb 23rd 2011 9:15AM I would just like them both to disappear and go on to lives out of the public life..that's not going to happen because they both got to enjoy the posh life, living it up, and being around celebrities. The kids HAVE suffered throughout this whole mess.

Elizabeth Taylor Hospitalized for Heart Failure

Feb 11th 2011 11:49PM I have always admired her acting. She was a beautiful woman. I don't think she should've teamed up with Debbie Reynolds to chop Eddie Fisher. He's gone! Let's let this thing go. They both were responsible, in their own ways, for wrecking Eddie Fisher's career before he put the finishing touches to it himself. I do wish her well though.


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