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Mystery Deepens in Ghost Town Bought for $800,000

Oct 10th 2011 12:43PM They're Bachman backers who got confused and went to the wrong state following her directions!

Octomom on Doc Losing His License: 'He Doesn't Deserve That'

Jun 30th 2011 2:13AM I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!!

Paris Hilton and Cy Waits Split

Jun 20th 2011 7:09PM Its only a matter of time before video of her giving him head will surface, we've seen it all before!

Hefner Finds His Rebound Girl: Anna Sophia Berglund

Jun 20th 2011 1:48PM Aw give Hef a break, pity the gold diggers that have to sleep with the tubs like Limbaugh or Gingrich, now that will make you PUKE!

Bristol Palin Reveals She Lost Virginity While Drunk

Jun 20th 2011 1:25PM I take it that this was before she told all of the other teens "do as I say, not as I do"??????

Bristol Palin Reveals She Lost Virginity While Drunk

Jun 20th 2011 11:43AM I guess Sarah was out somewhere preaching about family values, you becha!

Are Dickeys Making a Comeback?

May 26th 2011 4:08PM Oh, those Dickeys!

Chaz Bono: My Mom Just Needed More Time to Accept Me

May 18th 2011 12:50AM So let me get this straight ( no pun intended) Is he saying that he is going to give Cher grandchildren now that he is getting back with his girl friend? How Nice!

Source: Charlie Sheen 'Destroyed' by Ashton News

May 17th 2011 2:10PM Oh look Charley is back on temporary leave from The Enchanted Kingdom!!

Donald Trump Dishes on Maintaining His Curious Coif

May 12th 2011 1:14AM God who cares about this IDIOT?????????


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