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Celebs React to Casey Anthony's Not Guilty Verdict

Jul 5th 2011 10:31PM All these people would sell their souls to stand next to her in a photo op if it meant attention to them. They have no pride at all. Kim K helped get OJ off so what is she talking about. Close your big botox mouth!

Supreme Court Rules Against Anna Nicole Smith Estate

Jun 24th 2011 10:09AM Finally, the courts get something right. The woman did nothing for that man except take advantage of him. She was never entitled to anything. Now, her ex-boyfriend baby daddy thinks he deserves money. Sick people, get a job and work!

Katie Holmes Flaunts Bod in Red Bikini and Short Shorts (Photos)

Jun 24th 2011 9:56AM Her body looks like a 13 yr old! Gross!

Report: Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

Jun 23rd 2011 10:06AM I agree! There mother Chris is like pimp! All that mother see is dollar signs. I put money on it weeks ago that kim was pregnant, that's why he proposed to her after only 6 mos. She had to get one of these guys to marry her. He better get a paternity test!

Heidi Montag Claims She Works Out 14 Hours a Day

Jun 20th 2011 12:25PM I so agree.................she and her husband are losers!

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 26th 2011 7:41PM These parents are searching for fame, period! They are already on all these news stations. It's stupid. The poor kid.

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Will Make Her Millions

May 26th 2011 12:22PM He isn't good looking at all.

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Will Make Her Millions

May 26th 2011 12:18PM Of course, Kim will sell her soul to make money. Her mother is the same way. Why not make this an intimate affair for two people who are in love. Why? because there is no money in it. I think the whole family is trash.

Kim Kardashian Is Engaged!

May 25th 2011 9:31AM I bet she picked that out! Maybe her mother!

Kim Kardashian Is Engaged!

May 25th 2011 9:29AM Poor Guy! He doesn't know what he's getting into. I bet she is preggo!


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