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Prince William and Kate Middleton Bestowed Titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Apr 29th 2011 8:03AM Anyone and I do mean anyone that watches this on TV is a loser. This is so much BS over nothing. An unemployed pretty boy gets married. Big f___ing deal. The world does not care. I think these people need to get a real life. 1 thing this kid does not seem to remember is the fact that his father murdered his mother.

Holiday Airline Tickets -- Savings Experiment

Nov 18th 2010 11:46AM If it is at all possible. Everyone that flies should try to boycott the airlines for just 1 week. They would lose millions of $. And they would be forced to lower there prices and change a few polices. And there is 1 thing that so many people do not seem to think about. No matter who you are or where you are in the U.S.A. Any one has the right to make a citizens arrest if they feel they have been violated in any way. And a TSA agent feeling up a child would certainly qualify. We still rights. USE THEM.

Airfares will soar this summer due to increasing fuel prices

May 13th 2010 11:57AM The fuel prices came down all around the world. And almost everything that was involved with higher fuel prices reflected that. Everyone was lowering there prices, Everyone that is except the air line industry. They kept on complaining and are still complaining. It's real simple Just stop charging for every little thing that people carry on and for baggage fees. It seems to me that if just 1 of the major carriers started to do away with all these stupid charges. They would get more customers. But the airline industry seems not to bright anymore. They just seem very very greedy. Just like all the people who control the price for oil. All we are doing is paying for Abu Dabis (i know it's wrong) new play ground.

Kate Says Jon Bled Their Bank Account: 'I Have a Stack of Bills'

Oct 5th 2009 12:39PM Jon is not a man at all. The only thing he wants and has ever wanted is MONEY. He is a greedy AS_HOLE. To take the money that belongs to mostly the kids. YOU ARE A THIEF JON GOSSELLIN.

Hate Speech Finds a Home on the Web

Jul 14th 2009 2:08PM Who the hell cares about this crap. It's an 11 year old little girl wearing a t-shirt. What the hell is the big f___ing deal. This entire world is out of touch with reality. A peace sign. Are they for real? They did not complain about peace signs in the 60s. Why the hell are they complaining about an 11 year old girl wearing 1 now? Because it's a black girl and it's the president of the U.S.As daughter that's why. If it was any one else in the entire world. NO ONE WOULD BE SAYING OR TYPING EVEN 1 WORD ABOUT IT. And every one reading this knows this is true. We hear from the Arab world telling Rachel Rae what she can and can't wear. Now the world is going to tell the U.S.A. what we can and can't wear. And the sad part is YOU ARE ALL LISTENING. Not me.......

US Airways makes soda free again

Feb 24th 2009 8:28AM I have always checked the reviews before I buy my tickets. And from what I have read about U.S.Airways and the amount of complaints about this company. I do not understand why this company is still in business. People read the reviews first. You will avoid a lot of headaches later. I for 1 will not fly on U.S. Airways. Never have because of the reviews. So I will avoid everything else that everyone else has complained about. And as others have mentioned. You get what you pay for. You pay for the cheapest and you get the cheapest.

Please Don't Censor Fred Sanford

Feb 17th 2009 10:56PM Maybe we should not use the (N) word. But look at it from another point. We have Black history month. Ebony magazine. NAACP. And many other things that refer to the black culture. If it was the other way around and we started with White magazine, White history month and several other things that dealt only with the white population. The black community would be the first ones to call racism. All of you can say what ever you want. But the sad truth is. You all know it is TRUE.


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