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José Baez, Casey Anthony's Lawyer: From Troubled Son to Star Defense Attorney

Jul 6th 2011 4:57PM She didn't pay for Jose Baez to represent her.....the TAX PAYERS paid for him to represent her. Her parents couldn't afford it either so they had no choice but to let the tax payers of this state pay for her legal defense. I was impressed that they won but not how they acted AFTER the case was over...especially Cheney Mason. Now there is an ungrateful SOB if I have ever seen or heard one. He wasn't happy with the fact that he won the case, he wanted to criticize all the other attorneys who didn't think he would. Mr Mason you are definitely a disgrace to your profession.

Did Kate Middleton Copy This European Royal's Wedding Dress?

May 12th 2011 6:43PM Kates dress was definitely more beautiful than Orsini's dress also two different designers

Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 9:21AM Hey ME2, I think you should research things before you post on a story, DWTS Season 1, Kelly Monaco who plays Sam on General Hospital won and the dance off was between Kelly Monaco and John O'Hurley. I think you got her confused with Vanessa Marcil who has never been on DWTS.

Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 9:06AM I simply don't understand why politics has to get into everything. I think that Bristol Palin is doing a phenomenal job on DWTS and she deserves to be in the finals. She is the one dancer who has improved week to week and has overcome some insecurities to get where she is. She is real, she is not an entertainer, she is not a singer, she is a down to earth 20 year old that has made mistakes in her life and has accepted the responsibilities that go along with those mistakes. Sure, I understand that if her mother had never run for Vice President, we probably wouldn't have ever met this young lady. But she did run and now America is watching a young mother go around the country trying to get teenage girls to understand that having a baby isn't the answer.

I say we leave her alone and let her dance her heart out every week. If she wins so be it, and if she doesn't, well she gave it her best. This is what the show is all about folks, who improves the most over the competition, not who comes into already knowng how to dance.....I voted for Bristol and will continue to do so if I feel she deserves my vote!!!

Flint Creek Range Retreat, Estate of the Day

Oct 30th 2010 12:45PM This is my type of house.....even though I live in Florida, my husband and I had the pleasure of living in a log cabin home. They are the most beautiful homes to live in. They are rustic and the one thing that I love about them is that you don't have to worry about what color to paint the walls. 95% of them are logs.

If I ever had this kind of money, I would buy this log cabin home in a heartbeat. This is and always will be my dream home.

Woman Pleads Guilty to Killing Baby for Interrupting 'FarmVille'

Oct 29th 2010 9:10AM I can't believe this....people wonder why I don't get involved in Farmville. It addicting and I just can't believe that this mother actually shook her son because he was crying. WTF is wrong with her. You would think at 21 she would have enough common sense to know that this is damaging to her child. Just another prime example of babies having babies. They don't want to give up their lives and their playtime because they have a child. They should have thought before they created that precious gift from God. I hope she gets life in prison with no chance for parole. But keep her away from the prison nursery!!!

Robbins Brothers Introduces 98-Facet Diamond

Oct 7th 2010 12:46PM I have seen the "Celebration" diamond at Zales and have to say that I am really not impressed. It sparkles nicely but I think that with that many facets they have a tendency to start to look fake. I will take my 58 facet diamond anyday. I got a new Marquis for my 20th Wedding Anniversary (1 CT) and the matching diamond wedding band for Christmas this past year (22 yrs). For my 15th I got a 7 stone Marquis band all 58 facets and wouldn't trade it for the world. They can make as many facets as they want, even up to 1,000 if they want but 58 facets are fine with me.

'All My Children' Actress Adjusts to Life on Set After Landing New Role as Mom

Sep 7th 2010 9:02AM Alicia, I think the photo of you, Willow and Richie is absolutely priceless. The few times I was able to see you at SSW in Orlando and talk with you for a few moments, I knew then AMC had an awesome, down to earth actress that would be very hard to replace. I hope you have a while on your contract so that we can still have you but I know what you mean about raising a child in NYC. Being a New Yorker myself, but transplanted in Florida, I miss it too. I have been here 25 years and wish I could move back tomorrow.

I am praying to the soap Gods that AMC will relocate back to NY and hopefully if they have to move the studio, take it to Connecticut where they were originally supposed to go. That would have been so much better for all concerned. All My Children is such a big part of NYC that I feel they have to go back.

Alicia, I commend you for all that you do for the show and I commend you for being the mother that you are. I knew you would be a good mom though. I guess Spike and Ian gave you some practice didn't they?

Congratulations on the birth of Willow and your marriage to Richie. Hopefully if they decide to ever bring SSW back to Orlando, I will get to see you again. But then again who knows, I could run into you in NY one day if I ever get to go back there. Please always stay true to makes you who you are today.

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11 Cast Revealed

Aug 31st 2010 12:30PM I don't know why people are being so cruel...Bristol Palin has just as much right to be on this show as anyone else that is in the news, good or not.

I think this years cast is very diversified and the show will be a good one. Both my husband and I are looking forward to Sept. 20th when the season starts. I think the singers may have an advantage because they do have some dancing ability. But it is pretty much an even field.

Good luck stars...looking forward to an excellent season!!!

Dirty Clothes

Jun 21st 2010 3:49PM I can not believe what some people post regarding this story...what does having your license suspended because you drive a mini-van have to do with anything??? If you are licensed to drive then that means that you learned how to read when you were younger. But everyone who has a license I can guarantee you doesn't know the rules and laws governing driving a motor vehicle.

What's wrong with this picture? She drives her mini-van through the front windo of a store almost striking a person sitting by the front window. She said that she was talking on her cellphone, and mistook the gas pedal for the break. First mistake was that she was talking on her cell phone and second was that she was not paying attention.

By not charging this woman with a traffice violation, the police are condoning her behavior. I think the mayor of this town need to start a full scale investigation as to WHY she was not given a ticket. Then the police need to start pulling people over and giving them warnings about the dangers or talking & texting while driving. How many lives have to be lost before they do something about it. Sure this man in the laundromat wasn't seriously hurt but that gives them the right to let her go with no citations. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE????? Let's hope that after a careful review of the situation, she is given a citation or warning of some kind.


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