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La Convención: A Festival Of 'New Circus' In Buenos Aires

Jul 21st 2012 11:38AM Just go to NY, Plenty of FREAKS there!!

Doggy Home-Care Medicine Chest

Oct 12th 2011 5:46AM it brings the blood sugar back up to prevent them from going into shock, i passed out from braking a finger back in april, the pain was insane and that's why i passed out, when i came too, i could tell i was going into shock, so i drank a big glass of OJ and it stopped it, next day when i went to the hospital for x-rays, they told my drinking the OJ was the best thing i could have done because it brought my blood sugar right back up and prevented me from going into full blown shock and shock can kill people and animals...... :>)

Doggy Home-Care Medicine Chest

Oct 12th 2011 5:36AM GREAT article with useful information....Thanks so much for sharing!!

Retro Styles Dominate Fall 2011 Fashion

Oct 2nd 2011 3:19PM EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN, keep your clothing for 20 yrs and you'll see the same cuts come back over and over and over again, nothing new to see here kids, the same tired old cuts with new fabric, and ugly fabric at

Trendsetting 101: Mixing Prints

Aug 10th 2011 1:17AM ONLY the Spanish dress like

Trendsetting 101: Mixing Prints

Aug 10th 2011 1:10AM I have a better idea....Just have someone PUKE all over you!!!

Mariah Carey's Hilarious HSN Appearance

Jul 25th 2011 10:57PM YOU could not PAY ME to wear this WHACK JOBS cheap, tacky, gaudy and flat out fugly crap!!

Rihanna's Sporty-Chic Statement

Jul 11th 2011 9:35PM NO CLASS, NO SENSE OF STYLE, UNLESS SOME ONE IS DRESSING HER, and whoever picked out this mess must be the same dude who's been putting her in those horrible RED DRAG QUEEN GET UPS!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE FLUSH THIS GUTTER RAT BACK DOWN THE TOILET!!!!!

The Situation Facing $1 Million Lawsuit



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