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Confederate Flag Gets South Carolina Neighbors Up in Arms

Sep 27th 2011 3:36PM I'll tell you why. Because the rebel flag has come to be a symbol of racism in this country. It may not have started that way, but racists groups took the flag as one of their symbols and now that's what it stands for in peoples minds. Did a rainbow always mean gay? No. Did pink ribbons signify support for cancer research? No. But they do now. Same with the rebel flag.

Octomom Joins Cast of New Dating Show: 'First Time I've Dated in My Life'

Jun 23rd 2011 7:46AM I don't think she's ugly, but she definitely has some issues.

Judge to Mom: 'You Don't Spank Children'

Jun 21st 2011 1:33PM "You don't spank children today," 214th District Court Judge Jose Longoria told Gonzales'

And that is why so many kids today are as they are. No discipline. I'm not for abuse, but a swat on the behind isn't going to ruin a kid for life or hurt them. My father did that to me once when I was behaving badly, and you can bet I -never- did it again. Parents have a right to discipline their kids.

Bristol Palin Reveals She Lost Virginity While Drunk

Jun 20th 2011 1:41PM Why would anyone even care when she lost her virginity? Some people share way too much about their lives.

Angelina Jolie's Style Evolution

Jun 4th 2011 1:56PM Well yes Grace, you do have a right to your opinion. But honestly if sticking her tongue down her brother's throat is all it takes to make someone really evil in your eyes, we all must be doomed because we all do something silly or stupid now and then. Given the -real- evils of the world, I consider what Angelina did pretty tame.

Angelina Jolie's Style Evolution

Jun 4th 2011 9:41AM Evil? Explain what makes her evil?

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 26th 2011 5:10PM First? Cute baby.
Second, I don't see what the fuss is all about. The baby doesn't know what it is, it's gender won't be set until it's 3 years of age roughly anyway (according to the article), as long as storm is loved and well taken care of, what does it matter if the parents choose to hide his/her gender for now? People do treat babies differently, based solely on gender, maybe it's time that stop.

Bristol Palin Lands Her Own Reality Show

May 9th 2011 6:49PM "Bristol Palin Lands Her Own Reality Show"


I don't hold anything against the woman but she's not done enough in her life to be all that interesting. Certainly not enough to warrant a weekly show about her.

Books for Kids Full of Gender Biases, Report Shows

May 5th 2011 1:52PM Perhaps there is a bias, but I recall growing up and reading books like Harriet the Spy, Charlotte's Web, and a few others with female characters playing main roles.

Pippa Middleton's Glamorous Green Royal Wedding Reception Dress

Apr 30th 2011 11:54AM My, aren't we catty.


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