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steven fish

steven fish

Member Since Jul 22nd, 2006
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Pippa Middleton Makes More Waves as Bikini Pics Emerge

May 9th 2011 8:46PM i have an old picture of me with my wang hanging out. if anyone wants it

Are Red Rover, Kick Ball and Freeze Tag Risky Summer Camp Business?

Apr 19th 2011 10:17PM i love living in a nnay state i love living in a nanny state doo dah doo dah

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Accused of Harassing Ex's New Girlfriend

Jan 31st 2011 5:18PM women are only good for 2 things and most cant cook?

Brian Reed's Body Believed to Be Found

Jan 24th 2011 5:46PM who is ed reed or brian and why should i care?

The Neon Sign Museum Illuminates Vegas' History

Jan 4th 2011 12:25PM love your comment. give us your money then crawl back home

Ex-Paramore Members Dish Dirt on 'Real' Reason They Quit the Band

Dec 27th 2010 11:32AM another i dont give a shit. since jerry garcia died in 95 there have been no other bands worth a shit except maybe ratdog

10 Careers Mostly Likely to Make You Depressed

Dec 13th 2010 11:57AM my dream job is lots of money for little work.

10 Careers Mostly Likely to Make You Depressed

Dec 13th 2010 11:55AM how about being a casino dealer. , thats depressing years of watching everyone lose there lifes savings every week taking locals rent money only to end up drowning myself in booze.. life as a dealer. my nightmares are over baybee

Lawrence Taylor Seeks Dismissal in Rape Case

Dec 7th 2010 11:29PM i always ask my hookers for identification, then i write them a check


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