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Pippa Middleton Steps Out with Family [PHOTOS]

May 1st 2011 7:29PM Pippa has committed the cardinal sin of outshining the bride on her wedding day. Although she is beautiful she should have toned it down a bit to let her sister be the star of "her day".

Thanks to a Risky Cancer Treatment, Her Dad Attended Her Wedding

Sep 14th 2010 12:44PM Please reread the article which clearly states that the Drs. advised her to keep her wedding date as it gave Steve something to fight for and helped thru his difficult times.
It is a known fact that many dying people try to "hang on" for special events such as a birthday,anniversary or the holidays(check the obit columns after Chtistmas or New Years).

Thanks to a Risky Cancer Treatment, Her Dad Attended Her Wedding

Sep 14th 2010 12:34PM To Snappy:
It is racially bigoted people like you who make reading comments a miserable experience. Not every situation in life is racial,and how can you claim that he was only picked because he was a white male unless you have proof that this was true.
I think you owe the medical team an apology unless you can prove to all who read these comments that there are uncontrovertable facts to back up tour statement.

The 'Moonlighting' Effect: Is That Why 'Bones' Refuses to Pair Leads Romantically?

Apr 9th 2010 3:43PM Am I missing something? I thought last nights episode was about their first case together,so the ending was one year before they became a team.If so then their is hope that 5 years later she has changed her mind but she doesn't know how to tell Booth.

Will Sheen's Leave of Absence From 'Two and a Half Men' Cost Him Money?

Feb 25th 2010 7:34PM Although he is a gifted comedic actor he should finally be punished for his trangressions against the entire crew of his TV show and his family.If bearing the family name is too much for him maybe he should give up acting and find something less stressful.Surely he can live on his earnings from his show if he moves away from Hollywood.There are many beautiful places in America where he could live in peace & quiet.

Kate Walsh Reaches Divorce Settlement Via Coin Toss

Feb 6th 2010 1:56PM About time the *itch side had to pay up for cheating

GuySpeak/GirlSpeak -- The 'Ugly Duckling' Wants Revenge

Jan 29th 2010 3:01PM From a male perspective, I was the 16 yr. old graduating with older kids so the girls all ignored me. Forward 10 years to the 10 yr. reunion,everybody wanted to know who this guy was that was sending all these letters(Iwas on the committee).
During the course of the evening 3 girls reminded me that I had their address & phone #,they were just housewives and I could call anytime,you know,just to talk.

Gender-Positive Campus Groups for Males Cause Controversy

Jan 13th 2010 3:10PM "BET" but not "WET",ads must show diversity unless they are for African-americans,NAACP but NAAWP,all sorts of women-only groups but a men-only group is not "fair" or unneeded because women decide it's not needed and the "peacemakers" have their way again.

What Tiger Inc. needs to do to save a $100 million-a-year empire

Dec 10th 2009 1:56PM When tiger first started winning on the PGA tour my sons praised him while I asked one question they could not answer,"What other golfer ever started his career $ 60 million dollars ahead before he played professionally"?

Mr. Woods (the son not the father) never had any pressure put upon him because he was so far ahead monetarily that he only had to compete (not win) and his sponsors would be happy.A $60 million dollar bet that was a sure thing because they took all the pressure off him.
I'm sure that anyone who follows the game can name other young players that probably could have done near as well if they faced no pressure week-after-week.

Speaking of the late Mr Woods I sincerely doubt that he taught his son to live such an unchristian life style(he's probably turned over so many times he's worn a hole to the middle of the earth).Besides his wife I also feel sorry for his parents whom he has so easily disgraced.

I have often said that I would be waiting at the doorway to HELL to determine whom would go to the various rooms of damnation and right now we are building a special room of SOLITUDE for Eldrick "Tiger" Woods.Keep up the good work tiger and the smaller the room becomes.

Gandolfini Pops a Pap on Halloween

Nov 8th 2009 1:57PM The only JOKESTER is you.Give the press your address & work location & maybe they'll have a few photographers follow you around and when you get tired of not being able to goof off as much as you now do because of them,maybe you'll pop off on them.Until then just shut the f@@@ up sit in your little playpen and suck on your bottle.


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