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What Tiger Inc. needs to do to save a $100 million-a-year empire

Dec 10th 2009 1:56PM When tiger first started winning on the PGA tour my sons praised him while I asked one question they could not answer,"What other golfer ever started his career $ 60 million dollars ahead before he played professionally"?

Mr. Woods (the son not the father) never had any pressure put upon him because he was so far ahead monetarily that he only had to compete (not win) and his sponsors would be happy.A $60 million dollar bet that was a sure thing because they took all the pressure off him.
I'm sure that anyone who follows the game can name other young players that probably could have done near as well if they faced no pressure week-after-week.

Speaking of the late Mr Woods I sincerely doubt that he taught his son to live such an unchristian life style(he's probably turned over so many times he's worn a hole to the middle of the earth).Besides his wife I also feel sorry for his parents whom he has so easily disgraced.

I have often said that I would be waiting at the doorway to HELL to determine whom would go to the various rooms of damnation and right now we are building a special room of SOLITUDE for Eldrick "Tiger" Woods.Keep up the good work tiger and the smaller the room becomes.


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