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'As the World Turns' Canceled

Jun 28th 2010 8:04PM First GL, now ATWT. Next they'll cancel Y&R. Daytime TV on CBS really sucks. If the shows are too expensive to produce, perhaps the producers should take a good long hard look at what they are doing and find a way to cut the expenditures so the shows could be saved and the actors/actresses still have jobs. Wouldn't surprise me if some of the cast would take a small pay cut if it meant the show stayed on the air and they still had jobs. Looking at the volume of posts here, it is very obvious that young and old alike enjoy their soaps, so why don't the TV executives wake up and smell the roses. Pay attention to your viewers people! Get rid of the stupid stuff, Let's Make A Deal, Price is Right, etc and all those infomercials. What they pay for those sets could be channelled into keeping our soaps.....figure it out guys, we want our shows!!!

6 Examples of Workplace Rudeness

Mar 30th 2009 7:11PM Here's a couple more for the list....coming to work (after being told numerous times not to) bathed in perfume or cologne or overpowering deoderants knowing full well that there are folks working in the building, which isn't very big or well ventilated, that have bronchial/asthma issues! Then there's the people who make a point of (very loudly) talking in Spanish in an English speaking environment. It wouldn't be as bad (still not good 'cos you can't concentrate) if what was being talked about was work related, but it never is and to make things worse, if you walk into their view, a conversation suddenly switches from English to Spanish. Height of rudeness!!!


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