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Kevin Spacey Imitates Morgan Freeman on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (VIDEO)

Dec 15th 2010 11:02AM I know Morgan Freeman, and that was no Morgan Freeman....he imitated his timing, but the voice wasn;t even close.

AOL Mystery Flyer: AirTran Airways Report Card

May 17th 2010 9:47AM Carrie,

Take a pill and read your own comments. You keep reminding us you are a highly paid professional who can never make a mistake - and want others to be just like you. Lets compare jobs: You work in a clean, safe, sterile environment. Hidden from view of your customers. You can work as slow and methodical as you want - the people standing in line for their medicine will just keep waiting quietly, won't they? After your chosen shift you get in your new car and head home to relax. Must be a nice life.

Of course, the FA's work odd, changing shifts including the 5A and the late nights for about 1/3 the pay you get, and that gets lower each year as airlines cutback personnel and benefits. They are out front, mixing in with the hundred or so people they have to service for the next few hours, trying to please everyone which isn't possible. Listening to whining people who refuse to pay for extras but then demand them at the gate. ("This is not acceptable...this is not acceptable....where is your manager")

Maam - I think you would last about a day if you traded jobs with an FA...and maybe you might learn something about yourself. And before you make your trademark reply that I must work for the airlines, I am a retired state worker. I just call them like I sees them...

AOL Mystery Flyer: AirTran Airways Report Card

May 17th 2010 9:26AM Donna,

Let me get this are planning to travel with 3 small children, BUT YOU DIDNT WANT TO PAY FOR CONFIRMED SEATS. Then you show up at the gate expecting that they will automatically place you are your brood all together? How, by displacing all those people who paid to select their specific seat? I think I have seen you before - the rude lady who wants to pay a deep discount price then uses whining and her screasming kids to bully the FA's to give you what you want (and failed to pay for). Take your kids on Greyhound next time...

Chicago Cubs consider bankruptcy filing

Jul 14th 2009 8:20AM The overpaid athletes were paid their millions on time, while invoices to the small business suppliers went unpaid. Now a quick bankruptcy to stiff all the little guys and wipe the slate clean, they suddenly have millions to spend on free agents next year. Ain't it great to be rich!!


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