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Conan O'Brien Announces First Week of 'Conan' Guests

Oct 22nd 2010 6:54PM I've never heard of most of these people that Conan's going to have on his new show. Doesn't matter to me though, I won't be watching. Never HAVE liked his silly 'humor'. Give me Craig Kilbourn ANY day......I mean late night and I'm watching. Good luck to Coco though. It's a tough t.v. world out there.

Look of the Day - Sophia Loren

Oct 14th 2010 6:07PM Blue......sorry I got ya all riled up over my comment. Too bad you take these comments so seriously! After all, we're encouraged to give our comments.....good OR bad. Personally, none of us are a 'NOBODY' as you so stated.....even YOU are a 'SOMEBODY'. Have a nice day and keep smiling :)

Look of the Day - Sophia Loren

Oct 14th 2010 2:48PM While Sophia is indeed still pretty and glamorous in her 70s, she definitely hasn't changed her 'haughty' attitude and 'I'm better than you are' mentality. I met her once and she was both of these and much more. She seems to think rudeness is in fashion. Also, if you watched her and her comments in an interview of the movie, 'NINE', she belittled the other cast stars and said Daniel Day Lewis was 'weird'. Even if he IS, she should have the decency to just say pleasant things about others or keep her mouth shut.

Three Women Directors (Before Bigelow) Who Rocked Oscars History

Feb 9th 2010 3:52AM I just watched THE HURT LOCKER and it was an awesome (maybe depressing and tense) movie and I think Bigelow deserves to win. The actors were amazingly believable and did a great job. All three of the bomb detonation squad (Wills being the lead actor) and the other two actors deserve best actor and best supporting actor. No way is Avatar in the same high quality movie as this one. Go Ms. Bigilow!!!! (and ACTORS too) You have MY vote.


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