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Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 5:24PM Anything that the Huff post writes is going to be screwed up.

Anderson Cooper Attacked By Protesters in Egypt

Feb 2nd 2011 12:37PM White guy....white hair. Did he actually think nobody would bother him???? HOW STUPID

Park Permit Reveals Details of Stewart/Colbert Rally

Oct 28th 2010 9:52PM I heard because of the Marine run that is going on at same time there were not enough port a potty's!!!!!
Perfect for the event!!!!

Photos: Bristol Palin Begins 'Dancing With the Stars' Rehearsals


Michelle Obama Wears Bold Multi-Print Tunic Dress to Dinner on Martha's Vineyard

Aug 25th 2010 5:24PM People are loosing houses....the country is BROKE.....and how many vacations have they been on??? You know why??? Cause they don't give a s... about other people. They know they are a ONE TERM people and hopefully they won't completely disgrace the country before they are kicked out of the white house.
They are horrible. Doesn't matter what she wears really. They are disgusting.

Makeover Diaries: My Five-Day Glam Plan

Jul 2nd 2010 9:54PM I wore extensions for a couple of years. Looked great but very expensive. Finally decided to take a break from them and the money.
No one tell's you because they want you to get addicted to them and keep coming back again and again. When I took them off I had very little of my own lashes left. They are so short from the breakage of wearing the extensions it will take quite a while to grow them back.
If I was to give advise it would be "just be yourself". Yes they are beautiful and expensive but you are not going to like what you see when you finally get worn out with them. Just fyi....when the wind is blowing they start blowing off too.

Sestak Beats Specter in Pa. Senate Primary, Paul Wins in Kentucky

May 19th 2010 12:36AM Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rep: 'Single Ladies' Girls Did 'Nothing Provocative'

May 15th 2010 10:16PM GET'S THEM PREPARED FOR THAT POLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if some ugly old guy started following these CHILDREN around the parents would start raising hell

Rep: 'Single Ladies' Girls Did 'Nothing Provocative'

May 15th 2010 10:11PM Good grief......... these parents think there is nothing wrong with these CHILDREN doing this??????????
No wonder children are SCREWED UP THESE DAYS.........

George Stephanopoulos to Replace Diane Sawyer on 'Good Morning America'? (We Called It!)

Dec 3rd 2009 8:05PM Looks like I will have to start watching the Today Show. Can't stand George. WRONG PICK to replace Diane. He is dry and boring.


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