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Mariah Carey's Pageant Girl Dress

Feb 26th 2010 2:40PM Google "Henrietta Hippo" for those who are too young to remember The New Zoo Review.

Do ginormous fast-food helpings need warning labels? Nope

Nov 30th 2009 6:04PM I MIGHT eat at a place called the Heart Attack Grill ONCE if I were on vacation and it was a destination spot. Might even buy the T-shirt and take a few goofy pics. But how people eat at places like this on a regular basis defies all comprehension.

Mea Culpa: Fox News keeps making conservative-friendly mistakes

Nov 20th 2009 12:27PM This is news?: Fox News slants conservative and every other news outlet slants liberal? Wow, you're brillant. Thank you for your expert analysis. Did Dan Rather screw up in favor of a conservative?

Dan Rather loses $70 million case against CBS

Sep 29th 2009 2:49PM Rather may have been a puppet, but he happily volunteered for the job. Mainstream media is saturated with puppets who demonstrate unbridled hostility to the minority few left in America who find value in a traditional family. I hope he doesn't get a dime. And I hope more like him meet the same fate.

Rihanna's New Blonde Highlights

Sep 23rd 2009 5:46PM Yuk!!! Pick a color.

Wal-Mart's eco-labeling mandate

Jul 16th 2009 6:14PM Great idea...enter China...who is going to police these labels? How many times have products from China been ripped from shelves in the past year due to testing positive for lead which is already illegal? And this is just one country. Labels are great. It doesn't mean they'll be accurate or free of deceit.

'Risky Business' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Mar 18th 2009 6:43PM I've thought De Mornay would make a great Hillary Clinton in a bio pic since the Lewinsky scandal. Never heard anyone else say the same thing till now. Also think Annette Benning could also work if De Mornay declined. It would make a great film. Anyone in Hollywood listening?

Michelle Obama and the Arms Debate

Mar 4th 2009 12:30PM Not for the official portrait of the First Lady. Come on. Maybe for a tennis or golf championship, Easter services, or lunch in the rose garden. I just don't get her choice in attire sometimes. If she travels to the Middle East she would be required to wear a headscarf. Someone needs to clue her in to the concept of appropriateness in dress for the occasion. She is the First Lady for Pete's sake. I am embarassed for her.

Six Jobs for Associate Degrees

Jan 22nd 2009 12:24PM I have been a paralegal for 13 years. I received my associates from a community college in '96. The program then cost less than 2K. I hasn't gone up much since. I don't have a certificate and do not have a bachelors. I make what the article gives as an average salary working 35 hours a week in Southern California. Some firms do require an ABA certificate with a bachelor or either. I work for a private attorney who doesn't require either. It just depends on where you live and where you want to work. I would recommend the field to anyone who is interested. There are many different types of law - some more challenging and interesting than others. In my area, Intellectual Property, Trademarks & Patents have high earning potential - somewhere around $75,000 per year. The biotech industry also pays well.

American Idol: Live Results Show #13 (season finale part 2)

May 24th 2007 4:39PM LOST was my choice last night.

I just couldn't take one more idol show; finale or not. However, I am looking forward to Blake's work. Jordin...not so much. Even still, she is more "Idol" material. And hello...Daughtry rocks.

So ready for So You Think You Can Dance!


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