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Helen Mirren Shows Skin for Esquire

Jul 13th 2011 9:07PM It's called desperation!!!!

Who Will Be the Breakout Star of 2011?

Jan 1st 2011 10:24PM Their all a bunch of losers and there's thousands more like them in hollyweird!!!

Most Controversial Movies of All Time: 10 Films That Truly Shocked Audiences

Dec 3rd 2010 11:42PM Every-time an actor/actress's career is in the dumpster they have to either play a gay or strip naked. I yearn for the days of Bette Davis,Clark Gable and the Duke - they spelt class!!!

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Kim Goes on a Very Bad Blind Date (VIDEO)

Dec 3rd 2010 1:52PM I love Kim, she was probably very nervous having everyone including cameramen,friends,family studying her like she was a science experiment. To have a date setup for you in front of so many people I would of freaked and she couldn't get any alone time with her date to even get to know him having her every move video taped. Give the woman a break, she's not dated in a long time and she herself has said she's uncomfortable being seen for herself and not doing an acting part. I think she's coming out of her shell slowly and should be given a chance. I'd like to see how well these haters would do in her shoes, I doubt any better!!!

Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 9:20AM Get over it, she got more votes because she has a bigger fan base. Liberals are such sore losers!!!!

'Dancing With the Stars:' Who's Not Dancing in the Finale?

Nov 17th 2010 8:32AM I've never liked Brandy, she's always been so full of herself. Glad she's finally gone!!!

Danielle Staub Spinoff: New Details Emerge

Sep 15th 2010 9:27AM Danielle is the show and without her it will suck. She's always blamed for everything and treated like crap, they all talk about her and can't talk about anything that doesn't revolve around her. I love her and hope she makes it big!!!!haha to all the jealous haters!!lol....

Ben Affleck Debuts Gray Hair at Venice Film Festival

Sep 9th 2010 4:07PM Not attractive at all!!!!!

Michael Douglas Discusses Throat Cancer Diagnosis With Letterman (VIDEO)

Sep 1st 2010 9:16AM Seeing Michael Douglas reminded me of when Michael Landon appeared on television speaking on his battle with cancer. I hope he has better results!

Brian Austin Green Officially Joins 'Desperate Housewives'

Jul 10th 2010 5:45PM Love Brian, he'll do great. To all the haters, don't be jealous get a life!!!!


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