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Newest Disney Wedding Dresses for 2012

Feb 18th 2012 10:45AM Princess Aurora is Sleeping Beauty. "Sleeping Beauty" was the name of the fairy tale, but not the princess. Also, if you remember the story, when she lived in the forest with the 3 fairies (Flora, Fauna and Merriwether, I believe!) she was called Briar Rose.

80 Cent 'Typo' Almost Cost Man Home

Jan 5th 2012 7:01PM You are quite correct.In any large business, the people who establish the budgets for payroll have never faced a customer, never seen a line out the door on a busy day, never considered how much additional business could have been transacted--and customers satisfied and saved for the company--if there had been adequate staffing. They are, as my father used to say "bean counters." They crunch numbers and balance books and seek higher profits--but at what expense? I asked my district manager once (retail) if I could have an additional cashier for 4 peak hours on a busy Saturday ($32 in payroll) and she told me no. I said I thought we could do an additional $500 in those 4 hours if I had better staffing. She said that corporate wouldn't allow it. We had lines at the register and not enough floor coverage, but damn it, we were within payroll. But how much business was lost--and how many customers left rather than face the line? SO shortsighted...

How Can I Get My Child to Sleep in His Own Bed?

Jun 9th 2011 12:34AM I agree--the author is dragging out what should be simple process. Setting limits and being loving but firm is the answer to nearly every parenting issue. If you made it work in 4 nights, you did well--and you can get on to the next thing.
And yes, in spite of the many people who seem to want to share their bed with their kids and everybody goes to bed at the same time, this is a big mistake for a marriage. You were a couple before you were parents and you will be when they are out of the nest. Time for a man and woman, free from the kids, is critical to being good parents.

How Can I Get My Child to Sleep in His Own Bed?

Jun 9th 2011 12:25AM Well the ideas and answers here run the gamut from just letting the kids run the show, to beating them, at least one pedophile offering services and then the people who have 5-7 step plans (like the author.) Kids are not that complicated and the more we make something seem really really important to us, the more they balk at going along. Kids like to play and if Mom plays along bedtime never comes. Children should have a bedtime well ahead of when the adults in the household go to bed. They should have a bed and sleep in it. If they wake up later, sick or scared, a little pallet on the floor in parent's room is okay so everybody can get back to sleep--but it is not the norm. I raised my kids on "white noise"--a fan in their bedroom, 365 days a year. It blocks a lot of outside noises (the TV and conversations, etc.) so you can leave the door open. A night light or a light in a hallway works well. I would sometimes find my child playing on the floor in the dark by the light of the hall--but he was in his room and eventually fell asleep. If there are multiple children in the house, does everybody have to have their own room? My sister and I shared a room our entire lives till she went to college--we used to giggle and talk in the dark till we fell asleep. If children are getting good exercise and food and have some quiet time before lights out, like a bath and a story, they will be tired and ready to sleep. No need to create a lot of drama and plans and charts--it's just sleep.

My Little One Was So Excited About Being a Big Brother ... But Not Anymore!

Jun 3rd 2011 9:01AM Every family is going to be different because of the individual personalities of the children and parents, but I think spacing the children out appropriately--choosing to wait a little longer between-- is helpful. Some moms are so anxious to have their two or three and get them all out of diapers, or have the fewest number of years out of work (or paying for daycare) that they forget that it's PEOPLE they are nurturing, and the early years play a huge role in what kind of adults they become. I found that having my son and daughter 4 years apart was perfect for us--my son was independant and unthreatened by a new baby from day one. He was never clingy or uncertain of my love, so it was easy for him to play with his buddies or by himself while I had baby time. My daughter always looked up to him and he was very protective--but he also held her to high standards and taught her to be tough and fearless. They never fought, literally. The one episode we had when they were 14 and 10 is still joked about because it was the only fight they ever had. ( I do still hear stories periodically about stuff they got away with, or the secrets they kept for each other--nothing bad, just stuff they thought they might get in trouble for) They are 28 and 24 today and best friends--and my best friends as well. I'm a lucky mom!

Mother of 'Genderless' Baby Storm Speaks Out

Jun 1st 2011 1:01AM She talks about gender like its a choice--the baby is either a boy or a girl. Their sexuality is something they might address later, but physically this child is one or the other already.
"I would teach them that someone else's genitals and sense of how they relate to their gender is their private business, to be shared by them or in a context where safety, acceptance and sensitivity are paramount." I'm dying to know how the language for that conversation would sound for a small child. Because this sentence is hard conceptually for me to follow--and I'm a Grandmother. People can raise their kids however they want--but I think this is more about what the mother (and presumably, the father) want and not about the kids at all. I hate it when kids are obviously accessories to their parents "lifestyle."

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 5:55PM This is what is called a moral dilemma. Fortunately, most of us will not have to make such a drastic choice in our lives, but all of the comments have reminded me of the very last episode of the TV show MASH. At lot of you won't remember the show, but it was 70s show about medical personnel in a war zone in Korea during the 50s. In the last episode, the MASH unit is evacuating along with Korean civilians because the North Korean army has breached the front lines and they are in great danger. They are on a stopped bus, sitting in pitch darkness, completely quiet as they know the enemy is all around them. One of the Korean women is holding her baby on her lap and it begins to cry. She does everything she can to muffle the sound, but it is still audible--and she smothers her baby to silence it. No doubt this woman would have died herself to save her baby--but when faced with causing the death of a whole busload of people, she sacrificed her child. As mothers we all want to think we would do what is best for our child , but none of us knows what we would do unless we are in the situation. I doubt this woman (the one in the article) was faced with the real possibility of dying. I would be willing to bet that had it come down to "you WILL die before morning if you continue this pregnancy" she would have chosen her life and the well-being of her living 7 year old. At least I hope so...

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 5:10PM No where in the article does it say anything about this woman's personal belief system, her stance on abortion, her faith in God--that is all being projected into this by commenters to the site. SHE says she wanted another child and she might not get another chance--that's all we know. Personally, in her position, I would have had to weigh my options, but if the doctors told me there was a good chance I'd die, I would have decided against having the baby. I would never have left my 3 year old without his mommy.

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 4:52PM Her 7 year old would not think his mother murdered his sibling unless people like you put it into his head.
"She was courageous and wiser than those who would advise her to put her own life ahead of her child." And she apparently put the life of the unborn child ahead of her living son as well...

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 4:34PM Unfortunately, terrible things also happen when you believe and have faith--tragic things happen to people all the time who put their faith in God. And then they say, "Well it was God's will." This was a case where good doctors helped this woman have this baby, (which God apparently allowed to implant outside her uterus) which was her choice. Thankfully, had she been in imminent danger of death, she could have lawfully terminated the pregnancy, and lived to be a mother to her 7 year old. And to me, THAT would have been God's will.


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