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Elizabeth Rodriguez on Former Co-Star Susan Lucci: 'She's Going to 'Desperate Housewives''

May 8th 2011 11:28PM susan lucci has acted for many years, i believe as long as she is capable to act, she should...I wish her the best.

Who's Who in the Royal Wedding Party

Apr 28th 2011 1:44PM sorry you cannot be happy for the young couple, as for me i will watch, weather permitting, for in these days of such doom and gloom , such happiness is uplifting...

Injured Kirstie Alley Refuses to Stop 'Dancing'

Apr 6th 2011 12:17AM both are easy on the eyes, enjoyable to watch, and love their personalities...ralph is like fred astaire and kirstie is getting more like ginger rogers by the week...both have terrific partners as well.

Bedwetting More Common in Boys Than Girls, Study Shows

Mar 29th 2011 3:58AM i was beaten with a belt, had my nose rubbed in the wet sheets, and had to wear a wet proof diaper that was not wet proof it turned out, and had to put it on at night whether it had dried or not....bedwetting was no fun,..two boys i went to school with hauled off my mattress that through the years was ruined and stained with of them still mocked me years later after i had quit bedwetting and had gotten married...made a comment to my husband then, does she still wet the bed? he did not hear it, but i did...children are cruel, but when you grow up, you ought to have some sensitivity. i quit wetting the bed when i was about sixteen as well. i shared the bed with my sister, who hated sleeping with me, and she would say act like there is a line between us and don't you cross it. of course i would, cause that warm pee, turned very cold and i would try to get warm next to her...she is the one who beat me, rubbed my nose in the sheets , and saw that i wore the diaper...our mother was not at home, as she was always sick in the hospital, so my sister was in charge of me...for those of you who have a bedwetter in your family,, do not mistreat them, and don't run around telling is such a stigma and embarrassment that brings more pain emotionally than you can imagine...i am so glad i finally outgrew the bedwetting...two of my children wet the bed til they were around 3 and another about 5, i never said anything mean or did anything to them, i simply laundered their nightclothes and sheets, and put on fresh ones when they did...they outgrew it quicker than me...i was told i would be sewed up so i couldn't wet the ridiculous that was and how frightening..., and when that threat, didnt work, my dad said went to a dr who said that probably i had emotional problems because mother was not at home...i found out years later, that his sister had wet the bed all her life...apparently it is hereditary...the dr did not know beans in my opinion.

Lisa Rinna and Star Jones Got 'Ugly' Behind the Scenes of 'Apprentice'

Mar 14th 2011 11:10AM i am glad the viewers saw through the ugliness of star jones, and was a bit surprised at the bitterness of dionne warwick. they both have attitudes, and undoubtedly steeped in hatred from racisim, and have qualms trying to hide it. star throws around the fact she has been a lawyer, and no doubt she has threatened to sue...trump needs to get her and dione fired as quickly as possible.

SmackDown: Would You Publicly Punish Your Child?

Feb 22nd 2011 6:11PM get him off the street corner, makes it look like you are pimping your kid...get him a tutor, take away his priveledges til he gets the message that he better straighten up and do better in school...or sent him to military school if you can afford it.

Zsa Zsa's Daughter Fears for Her Mother's Fortune

Feb 3rd 2011 11:21AM zsa seemed to be happy with her husband...i am sorry she is going through so much sickness...i like to remember her is sad to see her like she is now. i hope her husband and daughter will not argue over things in front of her...and i hope that zsa left a will.

Oh Ricky, You Weren't Fine: Gervais Banned From Globes Hosting Duties?

Jan 18th 2011 4:58AM the man is no don rickles...don was funny, this man Ricky, was mean.

Sherri Shepherd Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

Jan 12th 2011 7:42AM congratulations sherri, my daughter got a two carat ring with her proposal during the holidays as well !!
am happy for both.

Tourist Killed By Bus At Walt Disney World

Dec 27th 2010 8:44PM

People should always watch out for traffic
and drivers should watch out for pedestriansms, or if you can't, go find a job doing something else...truely tragic accident that should not have happened.


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