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Sharon Bearden

Sharon Bearden

Member Since Oct 10th, 2008

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Win a Trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York for the Spring 2011 Collections, Plus $500 Shopping Spree and Spa Gift Certificate

Aug 25th 2010 6:03AM I would go retro/chic/bummped up modern. Classy chic lace top with tails, straight leg jeans, rope belt and sparkle low heals. Put them all together and "tres chic"

Rodial Debuts Glamoxy Snake Serum To Freeze Wrinkles; Win One Here!

Jun 9th 2010 5:26AM I need total skin care. I look 10 years older due to family drama and I can't find any thing that I can afford that works.

The Peace Corps Led to a Great Job

Feb 23rd 2010 6:47AM Well I am not a "do gooder" as you say. My going to the Peace Corps was to help in the field that I was trained in. I was not there to feed "starving children", and as far as that goes, here in America there are ways of feeding, clothing and taking care of's called orphanages, food stamps, food banks, and food kitchens, so don't give me any crap about the Peace Corps being there to help kids, except in education and in America All kids can get an education if they want one. It's called financial aid or for free Pell grants!

The Peace Corps Led to a Great Job

Feb 15th 2010 5:18AM All the Peace Corps did for me was cost me time and money that I could have spent on something constructive. Peace Corps are a joke..after you leave an area they go back to doing whatever they were being helped for. Plus you get the upside with kidnappers when you join!


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