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Banks' Paperwork Foul-Up Cost Atlanta Woman Her Home

Jul 9th 2012 3:11PM Hope she get that and plus, what a night mare that would be

How to Get the Kim Kardashian Look [Video]

Jul 28th 2011 5:36PM Just strap a king size pillow to your butt, who would want to look like that

Nacho Cheese Leads to Disney Suit

Feb 12th 2011 3:52PM Any responsible parent would have checked the temperature of the food before allowing a child that age to even touch it. Sounds like just someone out there to make an easy buck. Guess they figure their Childs pain would be worth the money they would go after . Hope this is tossed out and the family banned from all Disney parks for life.

SeaWorld San Antonio Reopens Shamu Show One Year After Tragedy

Jan 18th 2011 11:07AM So glad that Orlando will re open soon. We have to remember it was an accident. Yes sad that Dawn died however she and anyone taking a job that contains risk, and accepts the position is at fault also. True the hair should have been no left dangling. Dawn loved what she was doing and had participated in that for years. There should be NO law suits filed, because here job was a risk that she had chosen to take. It is a wonderful show, regardless of the tragedies, which were mostly caused by the participants. So the whale is no longer in the wild, this is his home so let him be part of living there and connecting with the public eye.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Is 'The Bachelor' ... in Ukraine!

Jan 7th 2011 4:38PM He is HOT to bad he cannot do the American version

'American Idol': Sudden Death Semifinals and More Changes for Season 10

Jan 7th 2011 8:49AM In my opinion when Paula and Simon left the show that was SUDDEN DEATH to the show. It will just be a matter of time, before the viewers dwindle to a few. Me for one.
Steven Tyler is not a god roll model , I sure would not want one of my children using him as imspiraton

Delta Airlines 'Lost My Cat'

Jan 3rd 2011 6:12PM Sounds like , sorry to say Delta had better be doing some checking into pet napping and selling the precious pets.

Michael Caine Says the Papparazzi Ruined It All for Actors Like Charlie Sheen (VIDEO)

Oct 29th 2010 7:53AM What ever has happened with Charlie Sheen, he has done it to himself. As for other actors, many were unknown until the papparazi started talking to them and taking pictures. They should be thankful and bow down and kiss (TMZ) feet for putting them in the public eye. Some I had never heard of before TMZ put themselves out there. Thanks TMZ.

Fox Developing a 'Bones' Spinoff

Oct 24th 2010 8:42PM Sure hope this spin off works, many times when they do this, they are in competition with themselves and it takes away for the original show. I love the show and all of its characters. When possible I arrange my schedule when the show and /or re runs are to air. Not to name names, but another show tried this and I ended up watching neither of them.

Kate Gosselin Emmys Update: Now She Wants to Act?!

Aug 30th 2010 8:33PM Were we not punished enough , with her on dancing?


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