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Pippa Middleton Inspires New Butt-Lifting Surgery

May 24th 2011 2:21PM Now, I prefer the older concepts of beauty...Audry Hepburn, she is singly one of the most lovely women in Hollywood history...can there really be a comparison??? As for the world of Music, I favor the classic look of Carly Simon, classic sound, unforgetable!!! I can only say that the 30 years that have passed since I spent an evening at The Hot Tin Roof listening to Livingston Taylor I do regret still that little one bedroom in Edgartown, my husband wanted a day to think...omg...the worst allowance for his opinion I ever made, $20,000 for a small star to shine on the shores of my favorite ever place where my favorite ever artist lives...there will never be another

Pippa is cute, put a passing comet...Hepburn, Simon shining stars forever!

How I Learned to Love My Curls: From Poofy to Stick-Straight to Happy at Last

May 5th 2011 8:30AM I am 58 and I spent 3/4 of my life hating my curly, frizzy hair, although I let it grow about 2 1/2 feet long, but it was seriously trouble to try to comb out after washing and took a good half to 3/4 of an hour. When I got to be 45, and I was teaching emotionally disturbed/behaviorally disordered K-3, Finishing my Master's degree, working on my research, and being chauffer to my 6th grader to math and economic meets (yeah, they do have them, like sports, but typically only the parents show up for the meets, not even their principals, but when it looks like a student or a team will win the "Gold" at the end of the year, even the Superintendent shows up, even if the other team is a district a hundred miles away), I simply had too much time to worry about my curly hair, so it grew out and my colleagues wowed me for my new look, ok that's great, because I was tormented throughout jr. and sr. high by the "cool" girls who determined who was in and who was out and had to be bullied, and not only did they torment me for my way too curly and frizzy hair, I also lived in the ghetto of the city and we were poor so I shopped in thrift shops, which gave them further fodder.

In any case, there were bullies in my time, in my oldest brother's time, im my mother's time, during hippies, the yippies, the yuppies, the guppies, the dinks, and apparently no one has learned anything from all the Lord cursed behavior, because we still have bullies, and the case of the 6 older teens in Hadly, Massachusetts who tormented this girl who had moved to America until the day of their last hurl, to go and kill herself, which she did, only exemplifies the lack of parenting, because this kind of bullying wouldn't happen if these teens, almost adults, had been taught, morality, ethics, charity or even an ounce of mercy.

Parents, if you know that your kids are bullying others, PLEASE stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, and ask yourself, have you modeled morality, ethics, charity and mercy in front of your children? How do you treat other people in front of them, and how do you talk about them behind their backs? Do you make obvious donations in the company of your children to perhaps select a child to sponsor, or choose a livestock gift to a Third World Nation, perhaps a flock of chicks, or a goat, or ducks, which from their first flock or brood they must share with neighbors thus giving them a chance as well (its the Heiffer Corporation and Arizona is not a Third World Nation and I don't know how Governor Brewer got her state on the list but I think it is shameful with all the millionaires in her state that she would stoop to begging on a list of Third World Nations, but that's just my opinion), never pass a holiday Salvation Army Kettle without at least a quarter or a dollar if you can afford it (just keep a stash in your purse and give it to your little to medium child to stick it in and say Merry Christmas, no matter what your religion is because they are Christians), if there's a park clean-up get your kids up early that Saturday and let them know it is their earth they are cleaning up for their own future, if you're healthy enough, take your kids on a charity 5K run so they know their are other ways of contributing to the community, check with the school to see if they might know of other charity events that you can get involved in, take your kids to a thrift shop every now and then because all the thrift shops I go to are for charities, and its and extra way of giving while recognizing the Christian humility that is ours and share it with those who can only afford thrift shops, and remind them that Congress is planning on making it a requirement that anyone recieving help from the government will be required to shop ONLY at thrift shops, even for a birthday or Christmas present.

As a parent it is your DUTY to sensitize your children to the meaning of money, morality, ethics, charity, and mercy. If you do this, I guarantee you, they will have too much heart to hurt another, and if you support them when they take a stand for the good, they just might intervene and make the victim their friend and possibly prevent a suicide. And the stronger their voice, the weaker the voices of the bullies, once they know the gig is up and perhaps even in the school newspaper she or he can write an editorial about the bashing of peoples hearts and if they want to do it, then do it to each other, since it apparently doesn't bother them.

Whatever you do, parents, DO SOMETHING !!! Being rich and buying them every thing they want isn't good enough to make you a good parent. Teaching your children to behave kindly is much more important, that they learn to care about other people, and do get involved with efforts and groups that are charitably inclined, encouraging your children by modeling charitable and merciful behavior yourselves, these are the things you can do to lead your children to grow up to be sociably and psychologically fully developed adults prepared to belong to our society, and always remember, God has eyes.

Spirit Airlines Begins Cancellations in Preparation for Strike

Jun 12th 2010 5:20AM Dear Scared,

Had my late husband not been transferred to Florida some 25 years ago, I'd still be living in Boston, where I could drive or take a train to visit my relatives.

I really am scared at take offs and landings and pray during those times that the Lord will help the pilot and assistant pilot make it through. I won a trip to NYC several years ago and went with my son who entered my name in the contest, and I try to visit my family once every couple of years, too far to fly and be back to work on time. But I must say I'm with you, I don't fly often, but when I do I want to arrive alive, and if passengers thought about that as an alternative, I think they wouldn't give airlines like Sprit a chance. Besides, what they don't charge you for the ticket, they make up in extra fees, so I steer straight from Spirit and not have to worry about getting one of those $million dollar flight insurances whenever I was going to walk on a plane. I'm willing to pay for experience and the respect an airline gives its pilots to get enough rest between flights, yeah, I'm hearing you Capt. Scared.

Why You Should Consider a Job With the Federal Government

Apr 27th 2010 9:31AM Dear Emma,

I am so glad that you got so much support. You know I grew up poor, too, didn't know there were new clothes stores until I was in my teens and we (me and my friends) took a bus into the city and window shopped (I believe they had money to buy things, but out of courtesy for me, they just looked, until we got to the Big Goodwill, and then I showed them where I shopped, and we all looked around and bought a few things. The couple of friends I had were really cool with it, even though I lived in a slum neighborhood, and that my dad had another "woman and family" was common knews in our small town, and their parents knew and told my friends, and told them to be extra nice to me, because it was going to blow up on me soon, and it did, and the townfolk took their different sides, since he had a family with both women, and the younger family was with the other woman, and my dad sold the house right out from under us and gave the money to his mom, so when they got to court, he had no money anywhere, was paying child support to his younger illigitimate kids, who all lived in a nice section of town, and I bet they got new clothes, too, and so there wasn't much left for child support for us, his real kids, because he had a mortgage for his other family, and you know, sometimes, especially when you are a teenager, you pray hard and wonder if God is watching, and if Jesus is really at your back, supporting you, leading the way.

The fact is, you survive, and, it may take years, and after abandoning the church, but not prayer, you are hopeless without prayer, somehow, maybe through subliminal thought and dreams, Christ shines the light out from the darkness of confusion, fear, and the last strings of your hope, and leads you out of this tunnell, back to where you first got lost, and you seek out your hope and faith, and your first thought is the Church, Christ's house, and it takes a lot of Sundays before you think that you are good enough to go when other people are there, be among them, and then one Sunday you go, and you stand at the back next to the door, and it's pretty ok, you only start to cry twice, but catch yourself, and then you are embarrassed because there is a second collection, and you have but change to drop in, no more dollars, and just as you remembered, before the mass is over, there are those handsomely dressed in the back part, at the ends of the pews, leaving before the crowds so that they will not get caught up in the traffic, and again, I wonder what the Lord thinks about this, and I leave almost last, and the Pastor shakes my hand and I was wont to speak, but he had already turned his eyes away, and so I left. But Emma, the Lord had been watching me all the time, and as I turned to walk down the steps, I heard Him tell me, "Welcome Home".

Emma, I am 56, and last year the doctor gave me 5 years, and so I am going back for a new physical to see, after my efforts, if I have 4 years or maybe 7 years, who knows. But however many years, I pray that I can get back my job of teaching elementary mentally ill/behaviorally disordered and oppositional/defiant K-3 students. I live in Florida, and you know we have always had, at least since I have been here, Republican Governors, especially Jeb Bush, who promised to be "The Education Governor" and the county where I live, at the end of his term, the cuts were so bad, we lost 3,200 teachers in one county alone, my county, so I got a job teaching at the college, but after 3 years teaching there, the funding for our department was cut, and all 29 of us were laid off. You know that recently Florida tried to pass a bill which would throw away tenure for teachers, the only state in the US it would have been, and tie student performance to teacher salary, which, of course, would have created a brain drain from the lower socio-economic neighborhoods in the district where student performance is directly affected by their lack of opportunity related to their lower incomes (daycares, not pre-schools, trips to the corner store, not trips to the library, or the nature or historical parks, or the museums, or children's live plays and symphonies, and all the cultural advantages that broaden their cultural knowledge and listening vocabularies which is the first step to literacy: if you are not familiar with a word, how can you even guess at how to pronounce it, and even if you guess correctly, it means nothing to you if you are not familiar or have not experienced it? And reading to your child, OH, I was one of the Literacy Representatives in my school district because it is so critical to success in every other area in school, I began reading to my child "in vitro" before he was born, and then continued to read to him children's stories, counting books, the newspaper, TIME, Einstein's Theory of Relativity which I had read in high school, poetry, even articles about politics and finance. But the neighborhood of my school was pretty balanced, half+ wealthy and half- really poor, we were districted that way to have the poor children who weren't really in our district, so that the other school wouldn't have all poor and we had all wealthy, and I suppose that was good, the wealthy parents paid the admissions for the poor kids whose parent(s) who couldn't afford the field trips in both schools. Since I taught the special needs children, who were unique in that they were almost always poor, I paid for field trips, including the $300 school bus rental, you believe the school board would charge the teachers to take their kids on a field trip, but since my class had only 13 (state guidelines were 6-8 for special needs classes, but they began overcrowding to keep the costs down, which is really dangerous with my crowd who tend to get violent really quickly) I invited other special needs teachers and their classes to fill up this 72 student bus so they could share a field trip, too, probably the only one they had all year. I was blessed to serve the Lord among His Special Children, and I would be blessed to have the opportunity to teach them again. "Those, too, serve God, who must but sit and wait." He is watching, Emma, and He helped President Obama to pass the Health Care Reform, and then you shall have that physical, and then you shall have whatever you need to cure anything they find. The Lord is at your back, Emma, do not feel alone. He made sure that bill passed to make sure you would get the Health Care you need, Emma, have faith in the Lord, pray if it helps you to connect with Him, keep Him in your heart, and I shall pray for you, too. Keep the faith, my Dear.

Why You Should Consider a Job With the Federal Government

Apr 27th 2010 7:55AM Dear Big Kahuna,

You have successfully succumbed to all the lies and exaggerations of the Official GOP Right Wing "Christian" Conservative Extremist Beliefs, especially to the most fundamental, that is that it was "GREED upon which America was grounded and it will be GREED that America will successfully return to it's most powerful International Position again in the world." Screw the financial and charitable help, naive notions of peace, and cultural underestanding!!! Listen to Cheney, Bomb first, WAR, expecially using his company, Halliburton as a second source, and then start asking questions, show them the fist and then fire, and when they're down bleeding all over the ground, then interrogate with those "special" interrogation methods that don't quite cut the Geneva Conventions and you may have stepped across the line into that gray area of "insubordination", which for those without higher friends often gets translated to "treason". But let's not look back, now, we've got to keep up our momentum, and, Hey, you, yes, you, American women, you get back to producing those White American babies who are going to produce the stock of the replacement Arms because the old servicemen are getting on to retirement age, and you just know, now that the Supreme Court has made it a reality of Repeating Republican Administrations after administrations with unlimited funding for their campaigns, they will own the House, the Senate, and the Presidency for the unbridaled future, Thanks, Supreme Court, for modifying our culture from a Democracy into the "theocracy of the Gipper", the same Supreme Court who also ensured for us the 8 Divine years we had with W. Bush, turn black into red, and pushing us into war in the Middle East, hiring his buddy's, Cheney's, company Halliburton, to make millions upon billions to fight the war for us, no conflict of interest there, of course not, not of the Divine One. And of all Parties, including the Independents, only those, These Republicans are granted knowledge of the Divine One, Omnicient of all things profitable and greedy, including offshore banking for the felonly of tax evasion, the very Divine One who leadeth the Rich and Wealthy to excessive income tax protection by the leadership of the Prophet "the Gipper" with his Great Tax Reductions for the Holy Rich and Wealthy, that they might propogate and mitigate the looming increase in the % of our American population of minorities with a competitive and increase population of the only GOOD RACE, THE WHITE RACE, the work of the Evil One, that to protect it's population, Arizona had to establish a Gestapo to identify all Jew, oops, I didn't mean that, I, we were talking about Mexicans, here, who may have entered the country illegally, so to effect that, all citizens and visitors of Arizona must carry their birth certificates to prove to the Republican members of the "Birther" conspiracists these folk, yes, they indeed were born right here in the great U.S. of A. AND CAN YOU BLAME THEM, WHY JUST LOOK AT OUR OWN COLORED PRESIDENT, JUST PRACTICALLY GIVING AWAY HEALTH CARE SO THAT ALL THESE MINORITIY PEOPLE WILL HAVE IT AND LIVE TO RETIREMENT AGE, how stupid is that? What would you expect from some negra' president? And them there Dem-o-crats talk about us gun-totin' pro-lifers killin' them a-bortion docters, whell, what they'd think we were gonna du, we gave 'em a choice to agree with us, and the good fur nuthin' Dem-o-crats wouldn lisn, so, a mans gutta du what a mans gutta do...and if those damn reel 'state peepul didn bring them niggas out heya to buy homes, we wouldn hav to set them crosses on fiya on thaya fron yarrrds justa let them know they aren wanted heya, dam reel 'state peepul.

So, again, I say, what the Supreme Court did and will continue to, turn our American Constitution of, for, and by ALL the WHITE people, to a Theocracy of Greed, The First Ten Amendments for increasing your Bottom Line Profit, and the New Prostestant Ten Commandments to increasing Personal Wealth without Regard for your Neighbor or Community, Numer One, shield your vulnerability to taxes by hiding your monies in offshore banks where they will withold your identity and your financial history there won't be profiled for a felony of tax evasion. All this, and more, will be available to you, the wealthy, when this new Theocracy of the Prophet "Gipper" gains a foothold and business is more open, a transparency of American governmental GREED on behalf of the wealthy. All the gift to America "gratis" the Supreme Court" bought and paid for by and in full by the Republican Party on the day services were rendered, just like the Dentist =).

And the good news for the Little guys, the Lower Middle Class, the working poor, and the just plain poor: you won't have to think hard about your decisions anymore, the wealthy Americans will have by then ensured your future, just as the Bolsheviks did in Russia and selected your home, your job, your books, and your education. So, Americans, practice your salute because when the rich take over complete, I mean totally, not the control they already have, which is heady enough, I mean, stop pyou ini the street and demand to see your papers for any reason,oooops, I messed up, again, Arizona's already passed a law for doing just that.

Well, welcome to Soviet America =).

Why You Should Consider a Job With the Federal Government

Apr 26th 2010 10:57AM Dear Johne,


First of all, the most wealthy Americans pay the least percent, 17%, gratis "The Gipper", and that's on the income they claim, not the monies stashed in offshore accounts, so let's approximate that they pay taxes on about half, that would make it 8.5%, or let's just stay with the 17%, ok.

Now, let's take a trip across the Atlantic to look at some of the top personal income taxes in Europe, just for fun. Britain and France pay 40%, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland (how ironic!), and Spain 45%, Austria and Belgium 50%, Netherlands 52%, the Finns 53%, Norway 54%, the Swedes 55%, and the Danes the alltime high of 58%. Them's some big numbers, huh, Johne. And the poverty rate in the Scandinavian countries among adults and children is a slight 5%, whereas the US sports a "below poverty level" rate of 13%, 40% of which are children. The innocent pay while the rich men play.

Oh, Johne, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, he's just a Democrat Downer carrying statistics about children who grow up in crowded projects with used condoms and dirty needles in their sand boxes, who don't have pre-school to go to, and don't have books at home, and never went to a museum or an historical park or don't know what a vacation means, silly idea, and their mom's are just 15 years older than them, and their mom's didn't have the money for an abortion so they could stay in school, or they wanted them to have the kid for the extra money so they just quit school, which ending do you prefer, Johne? and so these are the despised children that Handel has the angels sing about, you hear them sing, "the despised" that Our Lord has come to save, not the rich and wealthy, Johne, they have their offshore accounts so they don't need him, but Jesus' little children, living with the cockroaches crawling on the floor over the legs of the babes shaking their rattles to their auditory delight, yes, these, Johne, these are His special children, and He is waiting for Humanity to see the halos that brightly light their faces up to Him, of whom He is so very pleased. Remember, Johne, He says that those who love Him will show it in their love for His favored ones, the helpless, the innocent, the poor, the hungry, the ill, the homeless, just go ask any Democrat and they can help you find His favored ones, they work endlessly for them. The Democrats find no fun in any game to see how cheaply you can run a country to the best gain of the wealthy...that is not their goal, that is not what they believe to be the goal of a nation. The rich do not need a nation to be saved, their money will save them wherever they go. Only the middle and poor need a nation to work together, Jamestown, Plymouth, Johne, working together without "special" citizens, all equal in work and in harvest, in sickness and in death. That was the beginning...this time in our history is just a greedy bleep that is in no way resemblant of America...Wall Street Wild Cats betting on the failure of our economy and then practically ensuring it, defeating the efforts of an entire unemployed nation trying to get on somehow, and their loss of jobs and their loss of homes, a extra great fortune for the rich. These are heartless times; this is not America, this is not the heart of America. America became great by helping each other come along, not by stepping on the weakest of us all to get ahead. Wall Street will fall under it own GREED, they will OUTGREED each other 'till there are but a handful, and then no one will play with the liars and the cheaters and their money will be dirt. And that will be the Great American Lesson, rather like Jesus chasing the money lenders out of the Temple, and Maryland and Delaware will be sorely ashamed of their legal usury, and they will have to work hard to become once again trusted states of the American Union, to rise from the dirt that they dropped to in the praise and pursuit of their green and golden god. They will someday pass a time of spritual and ethical shame for bringing Americans of every state to bankruptcy and homelessness for their heartless greed. I will pray for them.

Good luck, Johne, in your moral growth. I know you will do well financially...I hope your heart will grow to feel a responsibility to help those that you can...there is real greatness in that...though you cannot count the wealth in coins or dollars, but your heart will feel the joy of His approbation as He smiles upon you, and that, that is truly GREAT!

Why You Should Consider a Job With the Federal Government

Apr 26th 2010 9:19AM Dear Emma,

Thank you for bringing the voice of reason, ethics, and morality to this discussion on our government. When our forefathers came together to write up the Constitution, their effort was to reflect the wishes of the people, for the people, and by the people, and they didn't mean the rich and wealthy people, only, unlike the Justices thought when they passed that last ruling on unlimited political donations, where money = advertising = subliminal influence = power of the people. When they did this, and I do believe this ruling will be revisited, they made it possible for the monied to own government permanently, and that is unconstitutional, especially when we can see that Republicans left on their own, lend themselves to corruption in business and the felony of tax evasion with offshore bank accounts without supervision, and do not represent a good model to operate America. The Republican Party has historically in this last century represented the rich and wealthy and help them to protect their monies even to the extent that 99% of the wealth of America is owned by only 1% of the American populace. Not a chance that we would ever see Socialism at this rate, I'm not even sure this is a reflection of a fair Decmocracy, when the people at the bottom making the LEGAL minimum wage make less in a full time job than poverty level. When I was young, I didn't think that was legal =(. It shouldn't be. So when they HYPE UP THE TALK OF SOCIALISM, you know it's one of those right wing, neo-con, skin-head, white supremist, pro-life abortion dr. killing, gun toting, Tea Party, Lying Sarah Palin taking advantage of you to make her millions and didn't even complete her governorship, so you just KNOW how committed she is, rich Republican KKK Groups that have about as much respect for life as it takes to say Charleton Heston and the NRA. If they were truly honest, they would establish and pass a law that would be backed by a trade and tourism agreement with Switzerland and the Cayman Islands and anywhere else where Americans have undisclosed offshore accounts, that those nations would send yearly account statements to the account holder and the IRS that a tax may be established on those monies, and histories of these accounts would be provided for the life of these accounts at the end of this year that back taxes and interest should be levied on these millionaires and billionaires who have been stealing these monies yearly out of the Treasury, causing deficits and economic crises, that would be their first honest move. My late ex husband who got hepatitis and when the symptoms appeared his insurance company denied treatment (THE CURE) on the basis that he was over 50, really, that was the reason, so he had to die. If I had had the money or the charge account balances, I would have bought it myself, but, incredibly, the insurance company was allowed not to save him, you know, keep costs down for investor gains, and their $60 million salaries plus huge bonuses, that my late ex had to die. Well, in the few years as he slowly died, the ammonia build up in his brain, naturally, killed brain cells, and he became demented, and forgot twice, 2 years in a row, to do his taxes, even while he was on disability for being mentally disabled, and he got a letter from the IRS with teeth in it for back taxes with interest. He didn't even understand the letter, and I paid it for him, but you would think such a small person, on disability for dementia, even, and they won't go after the Big Boys committing felony by tax evasion year after decade??? So don't listen to these Republican Extremists when they are just trying to divert your attention away from the real problems, and whether or not the rich and wealthy want to feel it, these "Conservative Christians" that they are, people dying because they have bad insurance and they are too old to save, or have no insurance so they have to die in any case, people who cannot afford the co-pay for the surgery due at the time of service rendered, that one's a kicker, those who loose their insurance along with their job and suddenly their cancer treatment is stopped, or how about this one, a family who have been living in a home for ten years, and suddenly dad looses his job, and mom never worked, and gets a job at the Handyway for minimum wage 3rd shift, and it's not enough to cover the mortgage and house insurace, too, and unemployment is about enough to cover food, electricity, car insurance, dry cleaning and gas to go on interviews, and they were just beginning to make payments on the principal of the house, and the bank doesn't want to sit down and talk about it, even though their mortgage interest rate is at 8 1/2% and could be redone at a much lower rate to really lower their monthly payments, while they haven't paid back their bail out monies yet, even though they have been making record profits on situations just like this and know they are going to own this house like all the others they have gotten to own and make record profits off of, too bad about the families, but it is within their rights.

Emma, you are very, very right, the ethics, morality, the sense of community, while the churches are trying to feed the homeless in the parks of wealthy neighborhoods to the protests of the neighbors who must now view these whatever-the-cat-dragged-in homeless singles and families and the get their City Council to throw the Church Homeless Lunch Van out of the park so that the homeless do not congregate for the wealthy to view (Winter Park, Florida), it is a greedy, selfish, Wealthy influence on our young people, making them economatrons for profit, profit, nothing but profit.

BUT, the good news, Emma, is that today you cannot graduate with a Bachelors Business Degree without taking at least two courses in Ethics and Morality in the Business World, and at Boston College even more. The Democratic Party focuses on these ethical issues, Health Reform, Education, Climate and Environment, Women's Equal Rights, Minority Issues, Fighting Poverty, Universal Pre-School, Providing greater opportunity for Higher Education for Women and Minorities, you name the issue that serves people in one way or another, and there is a
Democrat and her/his group fighting it one way or another. Yes, they are mostly volunteers, because Democrats are mostly lower Middle, Working Poor, or Poor Classes. And that's the way it goes when you don't have volunteer. And that's the way it goes in the Democratic Party, the party of, for, and by the PEOPLE, not the unlimited outrageous minted printed dollar that our right leaning Supreme Court went, and outside, beyond and unConstitutionally to the Republicans, and that is why this bill will not last, and the Supreme Court will get a slap on the hands.

Well, next time you hear a Republican extremist making a speech, stop him and ask him when he's going to call for offshore accounts being mandatorilly accountable to the IRS...that should give her/him something to think about. And if she /he is talking about good v. bad, you ask him what the Republicans have against good Christian sharing...and not hoarding their money to let the poor die from illness or hunger, and if they cannot answer, ask them What God they praise, a golden god? And then you ask then what car they drive and what neighborhood they live in, and then you will know what god they pray to. Oh, don't forget to ask them what country they bank in. And, Emma, if God has His way with us, His people, you know the Democrats will win, and all that money that the wealthy have been hoarding, and complaining that they get taxed so much on, that great 17% Reagan and his greatly touted "trickle down Reaganomics" dropped it to, well you can tell them that in the European States, the British pay at maximum 40%, the French 40%, the Italian 45%, the Spanish 45%, The Austrian and Belgians 50%, the Netherlands 52%, the Fins 53%, and the Swedes 55%. While the Scandinavian nations pay the highest rates of personal income taxes, they also enjoy the least rates of adult and childhood poverty, around 5%. I guess they take their Christianity seriously.

So, Emma, perhaps if we encourage blonde, I'm only kidding, but, somewhere, somehow, in our American Constitution provide the right to the pursuit of happiness, and when that 1% of the American populace starts sharing the 99% of our American wealth that they are hoarding and hiding, just maybe the Constitution will again be of the people, for the people and by the people, no matter what the Supreme Court tries to do to the 99% of the American Populus that share that 1% left of American Wealth.

Why You Should Consider a Job With the Federal Government

Apr 26th 2010 7:36AM Dear Patrick,

I fear you are greatly uninformed of the illiteracy rates in America. Had you ever taken a trip through the back roads of Tennessee or Georgia, I think you would find plenty of Whites Only Trailer Parks with children that arrive at school never having been read a book or seen Sesame Street, which I think airs in many states the same time as Oprah or Judge Judy.

Be careful when you define illiteracy by race, them there Smokey mountians are plumb full of trailer parks no where near a library and the closest thing to a book these kindergarteners have ever seen is the Bible at church, an no their mommies and daddies can't read it either, but one thing the can read really well are the letters KKK.

Why You Should Consider a Job With the Federal Government

Apr 26th 2010 7:24AM Dear LST,

Your "monkey" comment suggests that you belong to one of the lower political extremist groups. Now, taking research into consideration, extremist groups lend themselves to below average IQ level intellectual groups, but most members of these groups have adequate intellect not to reveal so blatantly their lower than average intellect, therefore, LCT, you have gained the distinction of being lower than yout below average intellectual extremist groups. Not bad from just one comment, I'd say!

Why You Should Consider a Job With the Federal Government

Apr 25th 2010 11:36PM Dear Johne,

Where did you get this "information" that the US was such a highly taxes nation of workers, or was this a summation of listenting to Republican political speakers, because this is not anywhere near to the truth. It's ok, I forgive your misinformation, like I forgave Sarah, while she was talking about rationed medicine if we had Reformed Health Care while my late ex husband was dying from hepatitis needlessly, because his insurance didn't cover the cure for hepatitis for patients over the age of 50, so he had to die,leaving my son fatherless, but that's ok because Republicans rarely hit the target when it comes to the truth. So you won't mind when I tell you that several months before he died he got a letter which I saw among those on the top of his stack which he no longer paid attention to because after a couple of years of hepatitis with no treatment the ammonia buildup in your kidneys just passes on to your brain and kills brain cells and causes dementia, so he was too demented to remember what to do with those tax forms anyways, and the notice he got from the IRS I suggested we just open, just in case, was a nasty letter threatening him if he didn't immediately to hurry up and do his tax returns for his last two years and send in what he owed. So I looked around for the forms, got the stuff together, took it to H&R Block, and paid the debt over the email with a credit card and fixed him all up, and it never happened again, because, you know what, he died that summer. Nice, huh. They wouldn't cure him, but he still had to pay for the insurance for the diabetes medications and supplies he needed, but they were simply going to let him die for the money he paid, while he was living on disability for dimentia? You know what I think...I think your have read too many political history novels written by HW and W and you are now a confirmed flake. But a good hearted flake. And when the commen men all begin to recommend the Flaked to be the leaders, then WE KNOW WE ARE IN OZ, and she find her


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