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Galley Gossip: How do flight attendants survive on such a small salary?

Nov 29th 2011 9:09AM If you think about it the "rate of pay" isn't near illegal because you're hourly rate is well above minimum wage... this issue is that although your hourly rate is $20/hr (like she said, reads well on paper) your HOURS are not going to be 40-50 hours a week like many full time jobs... However, it's like taking any other job that offers potential part time hours and trying to live off it... talk to many retail employees who work "part time" and yet it's what they try to pay their bills on and live off of. The problem is because the hours are tricky and not consistent it's pretty hard to find another part time job to fill any hours you may be off in between vs retail or another industry that's all local.

'Housewife' Camille Grammer Is a Bikini Boater (Photo)

Jun 30th 2011 1:25PM The worst part is, she had someone else carry her children. Don't get me wrong, if I was her age and certain conditions apply (not a millionaire - or married to one, and had had children) this wouldn't be such a "terrible" sight everyone says it is... but she's was too vain to carry her own children (it was not for health reasons, she clearly said she thought she was too young to ruin her body) AND she's clearly had surgeries that either need upkeep or were poorly done (that's why that "flap" looks like what sometimes covers a c-section scar... it also covers cheap lipo and other surgery scars). She had (at least at one point) the money and ability to get this fixed. Just don't flaunt it... it only shows more reasons why your body even tells people you're a nasty human being.

Ricki Lake Sued For Starting House Fire

Jun 13th 2011 10:57AM Interesting enough that she's being sued for something that was clearly an accident and should be covered by the landlord's insurance. They "landlord" likely doesn't have the proper paperwork to make this a rental and/or insurance and they're busted in that situation... But what kills me is the way this article was put out there with "interesting words hear on 911 call" if they words were hurtful or showed some sign of intent, I'd say they were interesting, but "mommy made a mistake" simply says she's explaining to her children not to panic and they'll be ok as it was just and accident but we're calling 911... Trying to get the clicks onto this article by selling it as something it's not at all. So sick of that.

Boy, 6, Is Allergeric to Food - All Food

Jun 3rd 2011 11:57AM I agree that those seem like pretty severe responses for a kid to assume he's faking or being stubborn. Weezing and shortness of breath (STOPPING breathing you said?), let alone swelling and vomiting which I suppose could be frustration or caused by getting upset vs being sick, but seriously?? Pretty unattentive parent if this happened often to wait 6 years to realize he had allergies to something.

Sketchy or Straightforward? CoverGirl Mascara Ad Uses Fake Lashes for 'True Volume'

May 31st 2011 12:04PM And most face wash commercials show women getting "fresh, young, clean" skin and they have on water proof foundation/mascara/make up. Come on. It's an ad. Everyone tries a few mascaras or reads reviews or asks friends until they find what they really like... this one ad is no different than the others so either change the industry and base your product on actual customer reviews or just accept it. They all do it so in my mind it's not false advertising because it looks the same as all the other ads.

Report: Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry Have Separated

May 31st 2011 9:45AM I know they seemed a little crazy together and clearly had their issues, but I'm kinda surprised they made it the 5 years... maybe once they were out of the spotlight they really did have feelings for each other. When you're even a reality celeb it's not like you don't have the means to end a bad relationship or there's some financial obligation to stay together... and in Hollywood we see couples I've expected more from last shorter time periods. So... good for them? Oh well... wish them the best.

Wholesome Lasagna

May 20th 2011 9:28AM Noodles...

Chelsy Davy Dons Alberta Ferretti for the Royal Wedding

Apr 29th 2011 12:19PM Is it just me or is the "dress" two different colors? The top is a pretty color, but the bottom looks like she got pushed in the pool in it the day before then dried off in the sun...

Really bad. Looks more like she's doing a walk of shame than going to a wedding. Pretty girl too... too bad.

'The Girl's Guide to Homelessness' Author Brianna Karp Offers Advice to Young People on the Streets

Apr 26th 2011 12:05PM You're pretty judgemental for a guy who didn't read the article very clearly. Yes it says she had a cell phone, but you can restrict a calling plan to well under $40/mo and take away the "flair" i.e.- texting, picture messages/data plans (an iphone plan with data plan doesn't even cost $300/mo... you're being ripped off if you pay that). Also, it doesn't say she ever paid for high speed internet... she said she went to the starbucks... there are many coffee shops, Panera type eteries, and (as she said) libraries that offer FREE internet. She wouldn't gotten less value out of selling her used tech stuff than she did finding a job by being online.

Read an article all the way next time, then judge to yourself and don't make the rest of us read it.


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