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WalletPop: The Top 25 Money Wasters

Jun 6th 2011 11:27AM I agree with you about the government's two faces. "Sins cost", so the government wants its share.
But if fewer people smoke, drink excessively, use the car when they could take the bus, etc, there would be less revenue for the petroleum, tobacco and drinks industries (as well as less for the government). Farmers could plant sugar beets, lettuces and peach trees and we would not waste as much gas and pollute less air.

The Royal Family Tree [Photos]

Apr 30th 2011 11:32AM The Queen can't hand over her crown without debate and ratification by the U.K. Parliament and the Parliaments of the Commonwealth nations. Nor can she jump the crown over Charles to William without the consent of the above. [Charles would have to abdicate in his turn.]

Susan Boyle: Bullies 'Made Me Feel as If Nobody Loved Me'

Oct 21st 2010 2:31PM I look like Susan Boyle, and I was bullied too when I was a child. It's terrible. I still feel inadequate at times because of it, and it's a hard fight to have faith in myself. Susan showed that God will puts the loveliest content in plain packages. What a voice she has! She was so meant to sing! It's wonderful to hear her.

'House' Music? Hugh Laurie to Make Blues Record

Jul 29th 2010 1:26PM I know Bertie Wooster sings quite well. (Did Jeeves say it was a light baritone or tenor?) Looking forward to hearing if Dr. House sings that well.

Do We Live in a Child-Intolerant Society?

Mar 29th 2010 5:39PM I'd strike 'library' off your list for the 2 year old unless the library is conducting a children's program, or the older kids understand that the library is a place for reading and whispering and playing quietly, so that their mom can care for the two year old. I like kids. I like kids getting a kick out of books and, yes, even the internet - so long as they share and not hog the computers. I don't like kids scampering around and shouting while their parents are reading. It's discourteous to expect library patrons to tolerate it or library staff to 'babysit' when their jobs are to shelve books or provide information sources.

Granted, kids get bored and they let loose their energy. That's what playgrounds are for, not libraries.

Please introduce your kids to the library, but stay with them. Guide their socialization skills and participate in their learning experience. Read with them. Look at their pictures and search their internet stations. Introduce them to the librarian and let her tell them what she can do for them and how to be a good library user.

Do Little Girls Still Care About Disney Princesses?

Nov 27th 2009 11:12AM Every girl likes to feel special. Disney and other fairy tale princesses have someone who loves them unconditionally (a fairy godmother, a talking crustacean, etc.) and they go on adventures and have handsome princes fall in love with them. They wear expensive party clothes.

It's certainly better than cleaning up your room and dealing with siblings who put the blame on you for their messes. (I know Cinderella had to deal with it; but she got to be a princess at the end.)

'Jon and Kate' Say Goodbye in TLC Finale

Nov 24th 2009 2:43PM Much as I agree you can't feed and house 8 children of roughly the same age plus yourself on the average salary and have a middle class lifestyle, large families have been raised successfully without exposing their kids to constant media attention. My grandparents raised 15 children, including 2 sets of twins, during the Great Depression and World War II - as tenant farmers scrape-ing by. The older children started work at 16, but everyone of them were fine citizens.

TLC Wants to Question Hailey Glassman, Michael Lohan About Jon Gosselin

Nov 6th 2009 5:04PM I've wanted to know that too. It's like the Dionne quintuplets exploitation, only on t.v. so we can watch a 'litter' of little kids in the comfort of our own dens. Those poor little kids are just like other children. No. I take that back. They are eight little children forced to fend for themselves emotionally because the adults in their lives - including TLC - think only of them as battery hens who must lay the money and fame eggs. I hope those kids have normal grandparents and aunts/uncles who will take them away and raise them with love as ordinary kids.

Jon Gosselin Gets His Turn on 'Larry King'

Oct 2nd 2009 4:12PM TLC wasn't the only one exploiting the children. The parents were worse. They got the money. They got the fame. What have their kids got for having the camera in their faces all the time, especially during their parents divorce? Did Jon and Kate consider how the other kids in their schools would treat them, their parents and their parents' lovers all over the tabloids?

How to Be Happy: Ditch Self-Help Mantras

Jul 16th 2009 10:52AM So, what do we low self-esteemers do? Therapy doesn't help. Neither do drugs. Both together has been of no use.


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