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Hang-gliding over Telluride

Aug 8th 2011 9:01PM WOW! I am about to turn 58 years young. I WILL do this before my 60's!!
Simply AWESOME and the TRUE beauty of GOD'S GIFT to everyone of us!
Like intercourse. Let's ALL do this!!! However, WITH this hang glider.

Angela Bassett: Ageless Beauty

Apr 17th 2011 6:53PM She looks absolutely STUNNING, outragousley GORGEOUS!! This woman is 53 years young??? DANG!!
Black Women ROCK!!! As DO all women of the WORLD!

Royal Couple, Is That You? Ad Spoofs Windsor Wedding

Apr 16th 2011 7:21PM I can't STOP watching this..simply BRILLIANT!!!!!

Royal Couple, Is That You? Ad Spoofs Windsor Wedding

This us what WE of THE WORLD, want to see on any NEWS broadcast!!
Enough, CRIME,DEATH, KILL, RAPE, DISCRUCTION!!! This person, should
be start HIS/HER own T.V.Station...ON POSITIVE NEWS!!
Good on yah!

Modern Kitchen Makeover

Apr 8th 2011 9:30PM I K E A????? Hello, everyone. YOU too, can BUY IKEA.

TOTAL....AD! Buy! Buy! BUY! at IKEA, of course.....I rest my case.

NEXT? AD, please!

Actress T.V. Carpio Injured in 'Spider-Man' Musical

Mar 24th 2011 12:09AM 70 million??? And it hasn't even officialy OPENED?

YO, BONO! With all the humananitarion(sp) things you have done
around the World. This is about the dumbess thing your 'giving
heart' would do to these actors. It's not like you.

LET IT GO!! And, call it quits. Write it off, on your U.S.Tax
return, and send US all a CHECK here in the good ol' U.S.of A.!
Thanks, Bono! You are awsume!

Couture Spring 2011: Most Outrageous Looks

Feb 2nd 2011 12:24AM "RU PAUL", and all the rest of thee, "DRAG RACE" queens, would claw to get to one
of these costumes!! GIRL!!! Many a men(drag queens) are making them, as I
type this.
Hence, my point, This, so called, 'work of art' are meant for men, not women! Get a clue? Let's see, what thee so called, 'designers', have for
MEN, REAL MEN a TRUE MAN, for this SPRING/SUMMER collection! (HELL YEAH! DUDE, F**KIN A, ...don't touch MY JUNK!). We, can't wait, dude!

A Bride and Her Mother Scream and Curse on 'My Big Friggin' Wedding' (VIDEO)

Dec 29th 2010 11:52PM I'm a native, third generation, AMERICAN, from Mexican descent. Have lived in, born and raised in S. California. I have traveled ALL over this country. New Jersey, is truly "THE GARDEN STATE". "JOIZEEE", has had a bad rap. However, for those of you, that, have never been their, OUTSIDE of NEWARK AIRPORT!!! YOU, have nothing to say. The People are, just as nice, if not, nicer than, S.Calif(attitude gone Hollywierd) or the New Yorkahs, that THINK, THEY are all that and a "bag of chips". JOISEE Shoarre whore show??? THEY, "BRAVO" that station, makes the REAL people look bad! I would be suing them, in a N.J. Second! And this dude, is from S.California!! New Jersey, is a beautiful state, with beautiful, nice, kind, respectful people. NO doubt about it.

Obama's Hawaii Retreat: Available for Rent

Dec 26th 2010 2:03PM It's called EXPOSURE, in Real Estate terms. This owner, wants his placed
rented at all times, to help pay for his mortgages, etc. Plus the upkeep
of the ESTATE. Property Management. This owner is an INVESTOR, he wants to make money too! So, what a great SALES pitch for HIM, to say that THE PRESIDENT of the U.S.A has even stayed at this place. FREE publicity for him. However,I agree with you. Just a few pictures would have sufficed.

Obama's Hawaii Retreat: Available for Rent

Dec 26th 2010 1:38PM SOUNDS LIKE YOU ALL HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!! Ya, right! Nothing but,
pure jealousy in here as I read. Add some HATRED, while, I am at it.
IF you had HIS kind of $$$$$, YOU would be renting places like this too.

Ah, C'mon. Don't lie! Plus, YOU would be fixing or replacing your TWO
front teeth!! Go ahead, play the LOTTO!! The Obama's, The Oprahs, The
Gate's of the world, can afford places to rent like this. THEY have their
own money. I'm an AMERICAN, third generation, of Mexican descent!! I too
could rent this house on OAHU!! But since you racist need a job? I would
have YOU, mowing my lawn, and cleaning my rental houses!! Need a job?
Get a life, first!!!

Try and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, you cry babies!!! YES, YOU!!!!


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