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Couture Spring 2011: Most Outrageous Looks

Feb 2nd 2011 12:24AM "RU PAUL", and all the rest of thee, "DRAG RACE" queens, would claw to get to one
of these costumes!! GIRL!!! Many a men(drag queens) are making them, as I
type this.
Hence, my point, This, so called, 'work of art' are meant for men, not women! Get a clue? Let's see, what thee so called, 'designers', have for
MEN, REAL MEN a TRUE MAN, for this SPRING/SUMMER collection! (HELL YEAH! DUDE, F**KIN A, ...don't touch MY JUNK!). We, can't wait, dude!

A Bride and Her Mother Scream and Curse on 'My Big Friggin' Wedding' (VIDEO)

Dec 29th 2010 11:52PM I'm a native, third generation, AMERICAN, from Mexican descent. Have lived in, born and raised in S. California. I have traveled ALL over this country. New Jersey, is truly "THE GARDEN STATE". "JOIZEEE", has had a bad rap. However, for those of you, that, have never been their, OUTSIDE of NEWARK AIRPORT!!! YOU, have nothing to say. The People are, just as nice, if not, nicer than, S.Calif(attitude gone Hollywierd) or the New Yorkahs, that THINK, THEY are all that and a "bag of chips". JOISEE Shoarre whore show??? THEY, "BRAVO" that station, makes the REAL people look bad! I would be suing them, in a N.J. Second! And this dude, is from S.California!! New Jersey, is a beautiful state, with beautiful, nice, kind, respectful people. NO doubt about it.

Obama's Hawaii Retreat: Available for Rent

Dec 26th 2010 2:03PM It's called EXPOSURE, in Real Estate terms. This owner, wants his placed
rented at all times, to help pay for his mortgages, etc. Plus the upkeep
of the ESTATE. Property Management. This owner is an INVESTOR, he wants to make money too! So, what a great SALES pitch for HIM, to say that THE PRESIDENT of the U.S.A has even stayed at this place. FREE publicity for him. However,I agree with you. Just a few pictures would have sufficed.

Obama's Hawaii Retreat: Available for Rent

Dec 26th 2010 1:38PM SOUNDS LIKE YOU ALL HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!! Ya, right! Nothing but,
pure jealousy in here as I read. Add some HATRED, while, I am at it.
IF you had HIS kind of $$$$$, YOU would be renting places like this too.

Ah, C'mon. Don't lie! Plus, YOU would be fixing or replacing your TWO
front teeth!! Go ahead, play the LOTTO!! The Obama's, The Oprahs, The
Gate's of the world, can afford places to rent like this. THEY have their
own money. I'm an AMERICAN, third generation, of Mexican descent!! I too
could rent this house on OAHU!! But since you racist need a job? I would
have YOU, mowing my lawn, and cleaning my rental houses!! Need a job?
Get a life, first!!!

Try and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, you cry babies!!! YES, YOU!!!!

Lady Gaga Dons More No-Heels Heels



HAS BEEN NOW!! So kindly, step off the Stage...THIS girl was and has

been right behind you. Damn! and Kickin' ass!!! Girl's got it goin' on.

Plus, a VOICE, and a musician...She plays the HELL-OUTOVA-PIANO!!!

US Airways Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Dog Bites Two Onboard

Dec 6th 2010 6:53PM I flew for over 35 years for a MAJOR airline!
PASSENGERS, in my the past 15 years of my carrier as a FLIGHT ATTENDANT?
Could care less, about We had to say. THEY felt, simply ABOVE the law.
This DOG, thing???? Was, one of my PET peeves.....THE owners, felt this ANIMAL,
had the rights of a HUMAN passenger. W R O N G!!!!!!

So glad this happened. Keep your in the CARGO bin of the carrier, and YES they breathe
the same air you do...UGH!!!

I would have NO problem, filing charges, after repeating to KEEP that DOG in it's cage!!
Especially, when the passengers sitting next to you, are EATING, Drinking, and have too
SMELL their POOP! and PEE!!! NO WAY!!

As passengers, you have every right too press charges!!!! GO for IT!

Welcome Aboard!!!

Michelle Obama Wears Gold Sheath to White House Holiday Decorations Event

Dec 3rd 2010 2:29AM To most of you...NEGATIVE, "FAT", jealous ladies. That Have NO life!!
But, Feed your children "Fat ass, Fast Food", cuz, you're too lazy, to get up
off your FAT asses, and, cook them a HEALTHY MEAL?
YOU, wish, you had, THE "FIRST LADY'S" figure, plus HER arms!
She can wear the hell-out-of any outfit!! Plus, YOU can buy it at
WALLMART!! So, hurry, run,oooops, sorry, crawl(cuz you are all so FAT).
too your nearest store. Black, is very "sheeeeeeek". SO you can understand the word. Red/green,womens' SWEATSHIRTS, so passseeyyyy.

Oprah Bans the B-Word, Conan O'Brien to Broadcast 'Show Zero' and More

Oct 31st 2010 2:52AM OPRAH! Is as human, as you and I are. However, for a few of you in here. I doubt that!
I have been blessed to have met her TWICE, within a course of 30 years. Still, is the same woman she was, when I first met her, sat with, and talked her, one on one. NO, not on her show. Just at a small gathering of people. She was, and still is an AWESOME, woman. I am a man in my late 50's. She, has, grace,finess, intelligance, respect, FUNNY as heck, but most of all, she is OPRAH! She is a WOMAN, in process and too progress. What are YOU doing with YOUR life right at this moment, sitting on you FAT A**, B*tching? Hum? Makes you wonder why YOU'RE always the VICTUM of things in your life. BTW? I'm not in here to WIN a SPELLING BEE!!

Jumbo Jet Appears to Graze Golden Gate Bridge During Stunt

Oct 20th 2010 5:59PM I am a retired F/A for UAL. Flew for 36 years. TRUST me, The 747-400 is an amazing
aircraft. IT can literally LAND on its own, in MOST MAJOR HUGE airports.

So can the 767-300(BOEING) YES! an AMERICAN made aircraft, can also do the same thing
LAND on the Runway on it's own. Simply amazing stuff!

Half the time, most passengers don't realize the CAPTAIN, is letting the aircraft land on its own. Don't want to SCARE the Passengers....BOOO!!! It's Halloween Time!!

I was on one flight where the Captain made an announcement on the PA, stating, HE was going to let our 767-300 from Honolulu back to Los Angeles, Ca. land ON its own!

THE look on passengers faces. LMAO!! were AWESOME!! "I bet your going to fasten and tighten that SEAT BELT of yours now?" You Betcha!!!

We, as crew members always know when, we land by computer.....So please, BE Kind, to the F/A's the NEXT time YOU "FLY, the FRIENDLY SKIES!!!

Mistake Emergency Announcement Scares Plane Passengers

Aug 27th 2010 8:30PM Regardless...
Having the F/A's attempting to save ALL our wonderful Customers Lives, in WATER or LAND!

GRAB YOU ANKLES!!!, GRAB real far...and KISS you ASS goodbye!!!!

To all the the millions of passengers that travel everyday! I'm Just speaking my truth. Sometimes,
the TRUTH HURTS, doesn't it? Reality check!!!!

This message especially goes out too my former MAJOR, MAJOR, AIRLINE Employer! They could care less about YOU, the passenger and We, the employee! Just look around, the next time you travel. HOW HAPPY!! The employees "look". I'm talking MAJOR U.S. carriers here.


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