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Who Was Crowned the Most Beautiful Royal of All Time?

Apr 21st 2011 12:39PM When it comes to grace, beauty, glamour and the apotheosis of style; none could compare then or now to HRH Pincess Margaret

Kate Winslet Dazzles in Dots at 'Mildred Pierce' Premiere

Mar 22nd 2011 8:43PM She may be cute and can act but she is no where near the level of Joan Crawford.

'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' Star Kevin McCarthy Dies at 96

Sep 13th 2010 7:01PM Rest in Peace Mr. McCarthy. I always enjoyed your work in the movie Hotel as the Hilton-esque hotel baron.

Lady Gaga's Style - Love It or Leave It?

Sep 21st 2009 1:31PM I think she is great fun! She has talent, about 3/4 of her material is just fantastic! Her writing is quite good, give the girl a chance and don't take things so seriously!

Potent Quotables: Tori Takes On GaGa

Sep 2nd 2009 10:07PM Tori Amos is looking for just a little attention. Nothing more. As a new Lady Gaga fan fresh from purchasing "The Fame" album I was impressed. The girl has got some pipes. Don't get me wrong I usually hate such music but she has a good voice and 3/4 of the material on the album was quite good. If she can maintain her forward motion, she will eclipse what marginal fame Tori Amos had easily. She is going to appeal to a more limited fan base but that could easily be fixed with a corp sponsor and a good quality club tour. No, I am afraid Tori is mistaken. Her stuff had a "hang yourself too" quality about it anyway. Lady Gaga engergizes the listener, Tori's work always made you too depressed to go buy another album.

Another Classic Rocker Rejects McCain

Aug 15th 2008 4:32PM Who cares what Jackson Browne has to say anyway. Jackson opened many doors by "preforming" for many a
"fellow" musician and record exec. He is no one to pay any attention to. He has no moral qualms to cross.


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