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'The Bachelorette' Finale: Who Did Ali Choose?

Aug 3rd 2010 5:54AM I can't sleep cause I am so upset that she didn't pick Chris. I agree...Roberto is not the one for her. I can't wait to see them on the cover of People with a big rip in between them! I really liked her but hcanged my mind after her decision! Chris was genuine. A friendship always lasts longer.

Miley Cyrus Wobbles in Seven-Inch Christian Louboutin Heels

Jun 2nd 2010 6:49PM Seriously people. She is seventeen. She is not "Hannah Montana" That is a "character". If she has enough money to buy herself Louboutin shoes, then it is up to her to try and see if she can walk in them...I was afraid you were going to start a "drunken Miley" story. She has nothing showing but part of her bra-which if you go into any area, all the girls bras are seen thru shirts and the straps are showing under their camis. The poor thing can't do anything. You people are either all living in another world or just to ignorant to realize what the heck the style is in the real world.

Confessions of a Census Worker

May 29th 2010 11:57AM First of all, I think it is ridiculous to send out a notice that the actual Census is coming in the mail, and then I fill it out and send it back only to receive numerous phone calls from the Census Bureau. Finally, I took the call only to have someone ask me the same exact questions that I completed on the form!!! Ten more minutes on the phone to say "no", "no", "no"..etc to every single freakin question. What a waste of my time and their money!

'American Idol' Finale Hits New Ratings Low

May 28th 2010 8:57AM That is because this season was very disappointing. I stopped watching after they picked the Top 12...nothing can ever compare to wanting and waiting to watch AI last year because of Adam Lambert. He was awesome and always put on a show. This year was BORING!

Tiger Woods said to pay his wife millions to stick by him

Dec 4th 2009 8:32AM Wow Dang.... you sound like a real catch! lol If I were her, I would finish the beating with his 9 iron and take my 20 million and go. I believe that anyone could survive on that amount of money without the humiliation of having to stay with a jerk!


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