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New Hampshire Legislators Propose Bill to Make Pat-Downs a Crime

Mar 3rd 2011 12:54AM Dont stand by let your citzens be walk all over by incompetent, uneducated people who cant get a really job.

gee, you must be one of those incompetent, uneducated people. Your grammar and sentence construction is worse than first grade English. I suggest before you badmouth people who are trying to keep your dumbbutt safe you finish grade school.

Attacks in Mexico Cause Cruise Lines to Drop Port

Jan 27th 2011 11:24AM 5K to visit Disney? You must have stayed AT disney in a pricy hotel and ate like kings. Who says you have to buy everything (being nickel and dimed to death) How long did you stay to spend that kind of money? A Month?? You need a course on spending..

Cash Or Credit Dispute Causes JetBlue Plane To Divert

Jan 25th 2011 11:24PM I was security at Greyhound. We took threats very seriously because no one knows which irate passenger is just crazy enough to follow through with a threat. People need to get a grip on their issues in public and stop acting like spoiled two year olds.

Tourist Killed By Bus At Walt Disney World

Dec 27th 2010 3:43PM Note: It is a lot more difficult to stop a moving bus than it is to take care when walking near one. You must be one of those people who think you always have the right of way. You don't.

Pilot in Hot Water for Exposing Security Flaws

Dec 26th 2010 2:28PM I guess all you people believe that the terrorists aren't monitoring the internet for good pieces of information like this? I think the pilot should be made to watch videos of all the world's terror attacks and be educated as to the fact that THE BAD GUYS WANT TO KILL US!!!! God, what an idiot!

Houston Passenger Brought Loaded Pistol on Plane

Dec 17th 2010 10:40AM Years ago I went from Jacksonville, FL to Detroit. The TSA scanner was so busy talking to her partner about her date the night before she only glanced at the scan of my carry on. I could have packed a 45 and she would have missed it.

McDonald's McPressure: Employees Told to Vote GOP or Else

Nov 2nd 2010 8:58PM how would I feel if my boss told me who to vote for? It would be a moot point because he WOULD NEVER KNOW who I voted for... unless I was stupid enough to announce it to someone. Voter Ballots are private... why would any one worry about anyone else????

McDonald's McPressure: Employees Told to Vote GOP or Else

Nov 2nd 2010 8:54PM a single macdonalds owner SUGGESTED HIS EMPLOYEES vote GOP. He did not THREATEN THEM. It was not McDONARDS the corporation... it was one guy for God's sake!!!! When will the media tell the facts, and just the facts? If the guy had suggested they vote dem this story woud have never made a blip in the news. What's worse is reading all your STUPID UNINFORMED comments.

Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson Get 'Saturday Night Live' Hosting Gigs, Trump Signs New NBC Deal and More

Oct 31st 2010 5:05PM Kid Rock isn't even a 'rocker'. His only song worth listening to was listed as country. (that gives country a bad name too) Tyler on the other hand, has been putting out hits for more years than kid rock has been alive and not a bad one in the bunch. Therefore, Steve can do whatever he wants and still be great.

Whistleblowers Can Earn Up to Seven Figures

Oct 26th 2010 6:29PM ah... your story really made me feel bad for you... right up until you made the crack about the Republicans. Maybe your story is as false as that claim. Could be why your attorney quit and you can't get a job.


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