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Inside Donald Trump's 757

Aug 19th 2011 10:50AM Trump can do whatever he wants with his money. Loe his plane.

Democrats should not even be allowed to make money until they realize how things work in te real world.

Maybe Trump should get back in thePresidential race and tax the hell out of China !

Report: Tobey Maguire Named in Illegal Gambling Lawsuit

Jun 22nd 2011 11:34AM Hey Boy,

You do not call anyone Teabagging Hack you filthy Un-American liberal. You will get teabagged if I find you. Please leave the country immediately dirtball.

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson 'Intense' PDA Shocks Press at Correspondents Dinner

May 3rd 2011 7:28AM Nothing better than two filthy liberals fueling each others hypocrytical ego's. I will bet that they are pissed off the military used violence on Osama. Guess these two phony's belong together.

America's "Royal" Wedding vs. the Real Royal Wedding

Apr 26th 2011 7:01AM Biggest difference with the two weddings. Chelsea is an ugly liberal bitch. Kate is beautiful with class.

U.S. News Best Colleges 2011

Aug 17th 2010 9:18AM Harvard only produces people who may be smart but in reality most of the alumni have no common sense. Just think of Obama and the rest of the pompous liberals from those elite schools.

I would hire someone from a state school with a rational way of thinking over any Ivy Leaguer.

Is Kagan Gay? It's All the Talk, and That's a Shame

May 14th 2010 1:42PM Either way she is disgusting physically and mentally !

New Behind-the-Scenes Film Explores Why 'SNL' Is Not Funny

Apr 30th 2010 6:26PM SNL needs to make fun of Obama more and all the filthy democrats.

God bless Arizona

Sarah Palin's Luxe Speaking Contract Spurs Investigation in California

Apr 14th 2010 11:44AM You know some liberal punk stole this from Palin. The world would be crime free if all the liberals were gone.

Griese Suspended for Montoya Remark

Oct 27th 2009 4:20PM Is it ok that I call everyone a boy no matter if they are white, black, hispanic, etc.

Ivanka Trump Has Lavish Wedding

Oct 26th 2009 9:47AM It is disgusting that she had to convert her religion for this guy.


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