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Prince William & Kate Middleton: Royal Wedding Planning

Jan 5th 2011 2:53PM If that's the most intelligent comment you could make,it's a very good way to measure your intelligence.

Jon Gosselin - Caught in the Rumor Mill

Mar 6th 2009 8:13PM i can understand why Jon is not living with Kate. She belittles him on every show. She treats him like a child instead of a husband. I don't even watch their show anymore because of her sharp tongue.

Kate Gosselin - Her Side

Dec 13th 2008 1:15PM Jon and Kate can't hold a candle to another couple whose name I don't remember. I saw them on TV a few nights ago. They had two sets of twins, then sextuplets and one of the six has cerebral palsy. It showed them going out to eat. One of the oldest twins happened to be carrying the afflicted little girl but the mother held her while they were dining. Their ten children were much better behaved than the Gosselin group I believe their ages were ten, six and four.You can probably find them listed if you search Multiple Births.

Hot Seat: Palin Effect

Oct 27th 2008 3:28PM Look at the records. You will see that Sarah Palin's experience in government far exceeds that of Barach Obama so know what you're talking about. And for all of you Obama people, please explain why he refuses to show his birth certificate. What exactly, is he hiding ????

The Affirmative Case: Dave for McCain

Oct 10th 2008 6:42PM I will not vote for Obama because he is a "wolf in sheep's clothing". He is not what he says he is, he is unAmerican, he thinks like a Muslim,he looks like a Muslim, he is a Muslim. He promises "change". haha That's what every person running for office has promised. Only the gullible believe him.

The secret behind Sarah Palin's fancy debate hair

Oct 5th 2008 9:21PM Sarah Palin is a "down to earth" leader with as much experience as Obama and she doesn't need her speeches written for her. She and John McCain will help us more than those other two. John McCain warned Congress three years ago about the mess Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were making and the Democratic Congress didn't want to hear it. Now they get poked in the eye with the mess and we tax payers will suffer. Three of their officers took their "Golden Parachutes worth millions" and now are on Obama 's staff.
His association with shady characters scares me and it should be scaring you, too.

The 12 Most Dangerous E-mails

Sep 26th 2008 11:39AM I am surprised at this warning. I was sent the dancing skeleton maybe two years ago and have kept it on my list of favorites, It dances to the tune"That's Amore" and it is hilarious. I'm so sorry to hear it now contains a virus.

Jon and Kate - Are they good enough parents for TV?

Jul 31st 2008 2:08PM Do we need to remind Letty that we're talking about a "family show" here???? Perhaps she could talk her "potty mouth" elsewhere !!!

Jon and Kate - Are they good enough parents for TV?

Jul 31st 2008 1:32PM I watch Jon and Kate sometimes. My opinion of Kate is that she is a show-off on camera and, if Jon says something about what she's done that he didn't like, she does this big laugh. I wish Jon were a little more assertive and I get so tired of hearing that Kate is "exhausted". She walked out of a beauty salon and wanted Jon to go home and help her instead of going to get the trailer as planned. Why did she want help?? She was "exhausted" !!! From what ??? Sitting in a beauty shop for two hours???? Gimme a break!!!! I also think she's a "neat freak". Do you get down on your knees and scrub your dining room floor three times a day??? I think if she would lighten up and get over herself, it would really make her come across as a person you would enjoy .. As for Mady, her little round bottom need a pop a few times and she would be a nicer child to watch. No, i don't mean " child abuse". God gave them little round bottoms so parents could get their attention when words don't work!!!


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