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Report: Danielle Staub Trades 'Housewives' for Stripping

May 17th 2011 12:13PM Trailer trash. garbage, just a no good person. Has no respect for anyone including her children. So glad she is off the housewife show.

'Apprentice' Contestant 'Would Boycott the Finale' If They Could

May 4th 2011 10:56AM Don't you think that it has been on a lot of people's mind
about where he was born. Evey elected president should show his
birth certificate before elected.

People are even questing the event of what happened with the
Osama raid. They do not beleive it happen the way they say it did.

We try to beleive in our goverment but lets face it's hard to do.

10 Things You Should Know About Pippa Middleton

May 3rd 2011 1:32AM I wish them nothing but happiness & good health. What a beautiful couple.

Meet Amtrak's Singing Café Car Guy

Apr 1st 2011 6:47PM
It is nice to see a worker treat his riders with music.
I would ride his train anyday.

Scare Tactics

Sep 19th 2010 12:18PM Good for you Dad. I would do the same thing if it where my child. Parents are very protected of
their children. Other kids are bullies to kids that are weaker then them. They think they are more likes being a bully because they are weaker than the child that has impairment.

Shame on them an their parents that have not taught them any respect.

Jon and Kate - Are they good enough parents for TV?

Jul 31st 2008 7:56AM I love the program/ Kate & John handle the children better than parents with one child. If the show is cancelled I would be very upset. If she slaps John it is a love tap because it never is a hard, slap is just kidding around. The children are going to grow up better than any other children. Having two loving parents who care is all they need.


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