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Former Miss Venezuela Eva Ekvall, 28, loses battle with breast cancer

Dec 19th 2011 4:45PM This is a very sad story about a life cut way too short. A child who will never know their mother and a husband grieving his love. Most people posted very nice things but others just cannot help themselves by saying the most negative and disturbing things. D. Goldberg commented about how ugly she was, hello! Someone else had to say something negative about the beauty pagent. WHATEVER PEOPLE! This is the Christmas season. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Most people who post negativity are cowards hiding in front of their computer screen. May peace be with her and her family.

Deputies Refuse to Evict 103-Year-Old From Home

Nov 30th 2011 3:41PM I agree! There has got to be some kind of exception to the rule on this. How utterly ridiculous! Thank god the deputies and moving people took a stand. Hopefully things will work out.

Miami Man Found Dead in House With 60,000 Bees

Nov 22nd 2011 6:48PM Yeah, hello!

Woman Faces Foreclosure on House She Bought for $1

Sep 12th 2011 2:24PM What a lovely woman and what an awesome house. I will hope and pray that she finds the help she needs to save it.

Pippa Gaining Ground on Top Baby Name List in 2011

Jul 27th 2011 2:44PM Anyone who names their kid "Pippa" ought to be shot.

'Father Albert': 'Green Mile' actor, 51, and 16-year-old bride defend marriage

Jul 21st 2011 6:53PM He made my stomach turn in "The Green Mile" and he's doing it again. I always say whatever makes you happy, but this is just gross and obviously for publicity only. They are not in "love" LOL!

Zappos' New Ad Campaign: Naked Ambition

Jul 11th 2011 6:20PM I like the looks on the two guys faces...then look at the girls face! LOL!

Here Comes the Bride | Winning Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Announced [Photos]

Jul 8th 2011 2:25PM Well at least if they have to go to the bathroom they don't have to take anything off.

Charlie Hatches Plan to Ruin Ashton's 'Men' Debut

Jul 7th 2011 12:25PM Oh, so this is how morons type, I see now.

Katie or Rosie? Maury Povich, New King of Daytime, Predicts Who Will Succeed

Jul 6th 2011 2:18PM Thanks Leo! I totally agree, I cannot watch his show it is so ridiculous and I love how he acts like he really cares about his idiot guests!


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