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Swimming Pool Pops Above Ground, Leaving Florida Family High and Dry

Oct 11th 2013 8:22PM Sounds like the pool was built in a swampy area....with a high water table level. Not good. A pool is a hole in the ground that you throw money into. And that you have to worry about little kids and pets drowning in .

'Cloud' Twin Towers: Design Insults 9/11 Victims, Critics Say

Dec 12th 2011 9:12PM The new design looks hideous, and it's archetechtually unsafe. I think someone is just trying to make a mockery of the world trade center.And why do they want to built another one, anyway? It'll just get blown up again. Can't they build something on the ground that doesn't span up 600 stories ? .....something more spread out.. What do they need another one? The world seems to be spinning ok, without those two, huge, monoliths.

Indoor Waterpark Resorts to Amp Up a Vacation

Apr 5th 2011 11:15PM It should be illegal for water parks to exist b/c they waste thousands of gallons of water per day . Water is precious. It is our greatest natural resource. There are many countries where their only water is what they've gathered from dirty little creeks that cows and pigs have drunk out of.

Confessions of a Mortician (Funeral Director)

Feb 26th 2011 1:41AM If you want really cheap burial costs.....donate your body to a local university.They will come and pick it up.
It costs next to nothing to do that. Then , your chldren adn spouse can enjoy you money from Life Insur.

Confessions of a Mortician (Funeral Director)

Feb 26th 2011 1:34AM Funeral homes will never lack for business ......people are dying to get in there :-)
They have a great lay-a-way plan. You stab em...They slab em ;-)

Shawntel Newton, the Bachelor's Embalmer: I Love My Job!

Feb 26th 2011 1:24AM I can understand Brad not feeling comfortable with her, b/c right after my dad died, a friend fixed me up with a funeral director who kept talking about the funeral business; adn it really grossed me out b/c I was still traumatized by my dad's sudden death. I didn't want to hear ANYTHING that remotely even came close to talk about the body , or the coffin, or the bier .

Confessions of a Coroner

Feb 16th 2011 1:47AM Why would they do autopsies on an old person who died of natural causes ? If you watch Dr. G, you learn that when they do autopsies, they take out the brain and the heart, and weigh them. What do they do with them---then----stuff them back into the body; or throw them in the garbage can? Either way, it's gross.

Handshake Horror Stories

Feb 3rd 2011 11:51PM For you guys that have a clammy handshake, all you gotta do is, use antiperspirant on your hands everyday. If it's solid , maybe wipe a little off, or put corn starch on it to avoid having it feel waxy. If it's a roll-on liquid,let it dry first before you go out of the house, then wipe your hands on a tissue or paper towel to insure that it doesn't have any residue on it.

The Perfect Bangs for Your Face Shape

Jan 31st 2011 2:50AM Are they serious ? The girl on the first pic looks like a sheep dog. She can't see out from under her bangs. Someone better get her a leader dog.

Oprah Winfrey is Counting the Days Until Her Show Ends (VIDEO)

Dec 22nd 2010 11:11PM To Mike, I've never bad-mouthed a commenter before, but you are a dummy! Most of my women friends who watch Oprah-- work FULL TIME and come home and watch her after work,---then start dinner, cleaning house,raising kids, doing laundry and yard work. Ditto for my step-daughter.


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