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'Mira Quien Baila!' winner Adamari Lopez falls in love on set

Dec 7th 2011 1:45PM He is here on either a work visa or an exceptional talent visa which is usually for 3 threes. Then if they get married he can stay here permanetely.
What a nice love story.

'Green Mile' Actor Doug Hutchison, 51, Marries Aspiring Singer, 16

Jun 21st 2011 1:21AM I think I'm about to be sick! She'll realize her huge mistake before long. Her parents must be stupid hicks who think this will help her make it big. Yeah...big mistake!

'Glee' Star Lea Michele Fights to Save Chimps

May 27th 2011 11:25AM I am so happy she has endorsed this cause. I have supported a wonderful sanctuary called Primarily Primates for years. These apes deserve to live their lives without being experimented on and tortured.
I hope our government will realize this and stop this horrible practice. Support Primarily Primates!

Video: Ricky Martin Talks About Past Struggle to Be Sex Symbol and Gay

May 4th 2011 8:56PM There once were two cowboys living out on the trail,
Then they discovered they could have sex with another male,
now their having Butt Sex,
Cowboy Butt Sex,
I love Family Guy!
BTW, I always knew Ricky was Gay. No straight male can dance like that.

Hoover Pulls Ads From ABC Following Soap Cancellations

Apr 19th 2011 6:35PM Thank you so much Hoover! I have been a viewer for 31 years and that's called loyalty. How does ABC respond to such loyalty? They dump you and your shows. Do they really think we will watch their new shows that replace our beloved shows?? They must be crazy! These 2 shows have between 2.5 Million and 2.7 Million each and that's how many people will NOT be watching the new shows. I will only watch General Hospital and the rest of the ABC line-up will be turned off for good.
ABC is making a huge mistake! Boycott all but GH!

Hoover Pulls Ads From ABC Following Soap Cancellations

Apr 19th 2011 6:31PM I cry now everytime I watch these 2 soaps. I feel it's like an early form of mourning. When a character dies or a soap actor dies or a soap gets cancelled it leaves a big hole in your heart. When the actor that played Palmer died in real life I was beyond sad. It was like a member of my family died. Thanks ABC for making us mourn not just one character & actor, but 2 whole shows worth. You don't realize that these are people we have seen in our homes 5 days a week for 30 - 40 YEARS!!! It's really like a death.
Does anybody else feel like that?

'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' Canceled by ABC

Apr 16th 2011 3:34PM They can stick their "New Shows" where the sun never shines! I'll still watch GH, but the rest of ABC can kiss my rear! Loyal viewer since 1981. Shame on ABC for not being loyal back and only caring about creating cheaper shows. Boycott the new shows I say!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Charlie Sheen Has Track Record of Dead Pets

Apr 11th 2011 5:50PM I hope he never gets hired for another TV show or movie ever again. The man is a disgrace to his family and his industry. Give the jobs to talented hard working actors who wouldn't screw over their entire crew like Charlie did.
Letting a pet parish from neglect is unexcusable! Shame on him.

Royal Wedding Viewing Party Goodies

Apr 11th 2011 11:36AM I'm having a Royal Wedding Viewing Party and invited all of my lady friends. I went to & had real invites printed up. I am requiring everyone wear PJ's since it's the middle of the night and I'll provide Tiara's. I'm following it up with a Traditional English Breakfast! I think it will be fun!

Sweet Amanda Seyfried Throws Parking Ticket at London Traffic Cop

Apr 10th 2011 2:57PM Spoiled rotten Brat used to everything being given to her. Parked in a wrong a up Brat. Not a way to gain hard working fans who have to pay their own tickets. We would probably get arrested if we did what she did. Yep, not going to be seeing her movies. Brat doesn't need my hard earned cash.


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