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Mezuzah Case: Condo Association Bylaw vs. Jewish Practice

Mar 29th 2012 5:45PM Ah yes...religion and its inclusive and tolerant ways...

Eva Mendes Sings In New Thierry Mugler Angel Fragrance Campaign (VIDEO)

Jun 27th 2011 7:42AM Sound like Jimmy got a case of the goo.

City Official Says Rats Damaging Tourism in NYC

Apr 6th 2011 1:25PM Four words: Rat on a Stick. Deep fry,a little mustard and a stick thru the treat. Hot dog venders will have a new item on the menu. We all win.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Style Evolution

Dec 26th 2010 9:00PM No...she looks perfect in anything. And she sings and plays music, speaks a few languages...and is married to the big important french dude. So yea...all females hate her.

Heidi Montag Regrets Excessive Plastic Surgery: 'I Feel Like Edward Scissorhands'

Dec 22nd 2010 6:11PM was her lack of TALENT that ruined her

Sarah Palin Serves Up Some Food at a Local Diner (VIDEO)

Dec 20th 2010 9:23AM This is cool...Ms. Palin finally found a job she can do

Katy Perry Gets Virtual Breast Reduction

Nov 19th 2010 8:01PM A reduction of her so called music would suffice

Scarlett Johansson Debuts New Cropped Bob Haircut

Oct 22nd 2010 4:58PM Hmmm...funny how the negative comments are WOMEN. Yea I don't get the appeal either of a sexy blonde with huge natural breasts, a great figure, pretty smile and good acting chops. I just don't get it. Rrreooow.

'Jackass 3D' Sets October Record: Box Office Report, Oct. 15 - 17

Oct 18th 2010 8:31AM Men "get" this movie the same way they "get" The Three Stooges and other great classic slapstick comedies. Women are the ones usually stuffy or hoity toity (did i just use that term?!). "Idiocracy" was a movie that could have been really great but missed the mark. With the amount of releases...there is something for everyone. So get over yourself...laugh a little.

'Wizard of Oz' Prequel to Add Sex, Betrayal and More Evil Witches

Oct 17th 2010 9:41AM This idea IS a joke right? Is hollywood THAT clueless? Well,yea I guess they are. This will bomb.


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