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Linda Evans Selling in Beverly Hills

Dec 21st 2010 6:13PM Dear Linda: Your fans still love you. A lot. It's hard to make a character who is both lovely, elegant, and a nice person believable on late-20th-century / early 21-century TV, with all it's tawdriness and
disappation....but you held your head high and made being a "nice lady"
a thing to try to emulate. I don't think anyone can acOt that kind of a character without REALLY being least, not act it as convincingly as you did. We -- who want to be "nice ladies" -- will be
your fans forever. (When the headline said: Linda Evans Selling, I thought it may have meant that you were selling behind the counter at Target! Thank goodness THAT isn't true!) Idea: start your own production company, and make "nice girl" movies! Other producers will be SHOCKED at how much such "G" rated movies are wanted now! XXXXXXOOOOO : )

Jude Law and Sienna Miller Settle in London

Dec 21st 2010 5:48PM Wow! A beautiful home, satisfying careers AND living in England....with one you love! All the best..............wish I could do it too! (Anything's possible if you can make the money! Now....if ONLY regulated, legalized online gaming/gambling was allowed in the USA as it is in England! Members of the Poker Players Alliance, www.theppa.ORG, are trying to make it happen! : )

What It's Like to Work for the State Department: An Inside Look

Nov 20th 2010 2:30PM One would hope that the State Department is now composed of people other than "Yes" Men and Women, who agree with EVERYTHING their bosses(!) say. (Im Israel, even some of the Army there is refusing to bulldoze Arab houses!) I've never trusted or liked Hilary Clinton, so I wouldn't want to work for the State Department now. However, even Ms. Clinton is an angel compared to the "Dragon Lady"............S-s-s-sara P-p-p-palin! With Ms. Palin, it will be "My way or the highway".....and I do mean WORKING on the highway, with the little known Executive Order ALLOWING THE PRESIDENT TO CREATE LABOUR BRIGADES OUT OF AMERICAN CITIZENS! If Ms. Palin runs for President, I will run to Canada, England....Outer Mongolia or Jupitor, if possible!
If it comes to Hilary vs. Sara, I'll vote for..................A LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE! Mike Gravel or Ron Paul, (or both!), are, I think, our last best hope for THE RETURN OF FREEDOM to this country...and the world! But I'd vote for ANY Libertarian! THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY IS THE THIRD-LARGEST POLITICAL PARTY IN THE USA! We DO have a chance at this! The media mainly keeps quiet about Libertarians.....but we CAN do this! If Ms. Clinton REALLY becomes a Libertarian, I MIGHT even vote for her. (Don't trust Anything Ms. Palin says, however.) I wish EVERYONE would remember the words of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, (vis a vis Homeland Security): "THOSE WHO WOULD TRADE FREEDOM FOR SECURITY WILL HAVE NEITHER!" Think of YOUR rights, and not those of "the State" or the "State Department". Besides, I've always wondered how the "honour guard" of service people and State Department people felt, when accompanying or guarding foreign dignataries --such as Royalty. I know if it were me, I'd be SO ENVIOUS!

Contract Employees: Should They Have to Pay for Their Own Thong?

Oct 29th 2010 2:43PM It's nice to know that these women are standing up for their rights. However there are too many "tawdry" and "unusual" stories of this nature on the Internet today. How about some stories of how some, (or many!) of these ladies are using the money they earn to put themselves, (and/or members of their families), through college, getting their own homes, or bettering their lives in other ways? I'm sure more than one stripper is happily married, and doing this stripping only as it pays highly? What do husbands and boyfriends (and parents!), or other relatives think of these women, young or old who strip for a living?

Any news on the winners of the 2009 or 2010 High School science fairs? Or on former migrant labourers who have just completed their PHD degrees? UPLIFTING stories of REAL HUMAN ACCOMPLISHMENT, which can INSPIRE us are what we want now!!!!!!

Book a $6 Million Hotel Suite

Sep 21st 2010 7:33PM Warren Buffet would definitely NOT be suckered into this!

Book a $6 Million Hotel Suite

Sep 21st 2010 7:29PM WHEW! I'm certainly glad the cost is for a TWO night stay. Whilst not a bargain, at least it is not as outrageous as $1295 - $3995 per NIGHT, which is what I first thought when I saw this article!

Then again -- I feel I have luxury in my own home EVERY night. When I was little, you see, we had relatives over for a week -- and so many of them, we had to DOUBLE-UP in our beds! Sleeping with 2 people in a twin bed is no fun...even if you do sleep with your feet near the other person's head for more room.
Now -- I have my very OWN bed....and cable TV besides!
A salmon sandwhich, (canned salmon), some Pepsi, creamed spinach and sugarless cookies, (3), my favourite (free) cable-TV movie....with the air conditioning on, and I feel GREAT! The money I'm saving makes a "tasty" dessert! { : )

Woman Sentenced for Stealing Towels

Sep 15th 2010 6:12PM Oh, My God! This woman stole TOWELS! What a horrible, horrible crime! She should be glad she got off with such a light sentence! (....And meanwhile, the "One World Order" people are getting away with murder...and worse than murder.....) : (

Woman Sentenced for Stealing Towels

Sep 15th 2010 6:08PM What about the more greedy amongst American CEOs and Congress-people, who steal MUCH more than towels!

Hannah Altman: The 9-Year-Old CEO

Jun 9th 2010 4:57PM Hippies of the '60s said that money is B A D. That if you wanted money, you were a closet Simon Legree or something. I wanted to be part of MY generation, (the coming thing!) -- so I didn't prepare for a business career. Transportation problems also played a part in this. Anyway, I'm glad that the next generations are coming to their senses. Money can be used for good or bad -- it is only a TOOL! My hat is off to these young enterpreneurs -- Capitalism needs all the help it can ger! (P.S.: I've sent copies of this article off to the parents of my great-nieces and nephews!) Thanks so much for this article, and those on the bottom, which accompany it!

Claudia Schiffer in Dark Makeup and Afro - Offensive or Edgy?

Jun 4th 2010 10:11AM When white members of a 1960's comedy-variety show, (I forget which one...I THINK it was the American verision of "TW3". but am not positive), asked the black members of the cast if they could wear "black-face", the black cast members said: "Sure -- if WE can wear "white-face"." And they did -- all of them. In these days, when black people play not only Othello -- but King Lear and other white historical roles...why not allow white actors and models to "put on the costume" of another person's skin colour? As another poster has said, THIS time, with Ms. Shiffer putting on "make-up to make her look black", there is NO exaggagerated stereotypical
"black-face" involved. Just natural Now, I don't have any idea whether Ms. Schiffer is just doing a job or is, in fact, prejudiced......but it could be a very "interesting" experience for
ANY prejudiced person to "put on another person's skin" for a while -- to know how it feels to be black....or white!


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