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What's the Friendliest Country for Entrepreneurs?

May 31st 2011 3:01PM P.S. If you are at all interested in re-introducing legalized online casino gaming / gambling to the USA, please check out the following website:

This is the website of the Poker Player's Alliance -- which is trying to help ALL online gamers / gamblers. Free, as well as paying memberships are offered. We are dignified, we are serious, we want our freedom BACK!

What's the Friendliest Country for Entrepreneurs?

May 31st 2011 2:43PM It depends what "business" you are in. I myself would LOVE to pay even MORE taxes..........I F...the US government allowed legal online gaming for US citizens and residents. I'm pretty good at roulette, and often win at dice, (craps), and bacarrat. But it's NOT LEGAL at the present time, (except for high-odds games like horse-racing and fantasy sports -- which I, and most ordinary-income people can't risk). Playing cautiously, setting win and loss limits, not getting greedy....this is the way of the REAL pro, or semi-pro "gamer", (gamblers who practice their favourite games INCESSENTLY, and do NOT trust to "lady luck")....which, as a handicapped seniour citizen without a car, seems -- at prsent at least -- the only "business" open to me. But it's not legal! (Yet????) My mind is as sharp, (or sharper), than it ever was...and all I ask is a LEGAL way to easily make some money with my computer. I'm more than willing to share my winnings with the goverment in the form of taxes -- really! Because right now, I can't make any money legally this way at all! Tax me at TWICE the regular rate...I don't care, because at least I'd be able to make SOMETHING with my brains this way!

(And legalized online gaming can actually INCREASE a person's sense of responsibility, because making $200 a day equals $73,000 a year - IMPOSSIBLE to make at a two week "vacation" to LV or AC! AND THIS SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY CAN BECOME PART OF OTHER ASPECTS OF A PERSON'S LIFE AS WELL!

So, as far as I'm concerned, ANY country that allows legalized online gaming and gambling is the best for (MY) business. And there are quite a few of these countries around. Sadly -- the USA, (land of the free???? home of the brave?????) is not now one of them. :_(

Alex Pettyfer Talks Crotch Tattoos, Hatred of L.A. in Rant-Filled Interview

Apr 28th 2011 12:00PM I've never really heard of Mr. Pettyfur before -- but I can't get over how very much he looks like the late, (and great), RODDY McDOWELL. If a movie is ever made of Mr. McDowell's' life, PLEASE, producers, consider ALEX PETTYFUR for the part!

Who Are Your Role Models?

Apr 13th 2011 2:03PM My role models? My wonderful parents -- they combine goodness, ambition, pride and love in just the right amounts! And the English Royal Family! Espcially the Queen, (exemplary in everything!), and Kate Middleton, (she's got ambition, goodness pride and love, too -- as well as Prince William!)

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress: British Designers Share What They Think The Future Queen Will Wear

Apr 11th 2011 4:53PM The third-most beautiful wedding gown I ever saw was that of Queen Mary, the present Queen's grandmother. White with inset rows of flowers, it was breath-taking. The second-most beauiful wedding gown I ever saw was that of Queen Alexandra, the Queen's great-grandmother. It was similar to Queen Mary's wedding-gown, but much fuller, and had many more flower-rows on it.
However, the most beautiful wedding gown I've ever seen was that of Canadian singer Celene Dion. Totally spectacular, it was reminiscent of an 18th-century ball-gown. (I remember reading someone saying that Celene should have worn a "regular" wedding gown, and leave dresses like the one she wore to "real" princesses. ( ! ) Unfortunately, Ms. Dion also wore the WORST bridal headpiece I've ever seen, which spoilt the effect of her beautiful gown, considerably for me. So, I earnestly hope that Ms. Middleton, on her way down the aisle, (and on her way to becoming "Princess Catherine"), will look carefully at pictures of these three gowns -- and other, full-skirted, "fairy-tale princess" bridal gowns.....because she is as close to a real-life fairy-tale princess as we are likely to see! At the very least, I hope the skirt will be full and beautiful, the train long and beautiful, that she will wear a veil.....and that her dress, (oh, please let this happen!), will have SLEEVES!!!!!!

Which Royal Tiara Will Kate Middleton Wear at Her Wedding?

Apr 11th 2011 4:31PM My vote goes for the "Girls of Britain" Tiara. Firstly, (and foremost!), it is THE most beautiful tiara the Queen owns! It is reported that she has said it is her favourite tiara....and she has VERY good taste! It has been nick-named the "fairy-queen" tiara -- and it's easy to see why. Also, it was given to Queen Mary by the "Girls of Britain".....very inclusive, and a reminder that it takes EVERYONE, royalty and commonality alike, to make a great country! Last but not least, Kate Middleton herself IS a "girl of Britain". What tiara could be more moving, beautiful.....and appropriate? { : )

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Newbie Baby Namers Make

Apr 11th 2011 2:47PM Thank you SO much, Kelly! (4-10-11, 9:30 PM). At last an air of sanity! It's sadly NOT the fault of people, who were given names by their parents with their parent's best intents -- but when a name sounds "ghettoish", or just plain Weird, that person IS at a distinct disadvantage. Unless they apply for jobs at music stores specializing in rock, r &b, hip-hop, jazz and/or klezmer, (Jewish ghetto music), or in shops in poor areas of town, etc. But perhaps these people want to rise in the (BIG) business world? A receptionist who says: "Hello! First National Bank. This is Stealthisbook Smith. How may I help you?" (A typical response to this might be: CLICK! (Hang-up).

Giving one's child a "normal" name seems to mean to me that the parents are saying, "My child is as good as ANYONE else's child, and can have names such as George, Elizabeth, etc -- that are given to Royalty. It's an individualistic thing. People who give their children "ethnically-entrancing" names are SO "hung-up" on their own ethnic culture, that they don't see the larger picture-- that, for better or worse, the WASP culture STILL rules. It's a choice, I think, of trying to make a better life for your children, individually, by giving them innouous, usual names -- or wanting to hit the world on the head, with reminders of how 'important' your "home culture" should be in the world, every time they see your child, or speak his or her name. And in this, it is the CHILD who can suffer, if he or she is NOT into the "ethnic culture thing" -- but just wants to lead a normal life, and quietly pursue the American Dream!

P.S.: I'm really hoping that Prince William and Kate Middleton, (aka Princess Catherine...or she soon will be know as this), will help change all this. Yes, the wedding will definitely be a "Right Royal Spectacle"....but.....He ISN'T Princess Diana's son for nothing....and some of it is already beginning to show. They don't want ANY servants -- at least during the first years of marriage. (He cooks!!!!!! C|: ) She will arrive to the wedding in a CAR! (OK, a Rolls-Royce...but still not a coach). Some of the wedding guests will be "ordinary" citizens who have helped with the Prince's favourite charities! : ) After the wedding -- and for the forseeable future -- they want to live on an ISLAND --far away from all the pomp and circumstance in London. Go to the Royal Website, and you will see they are asking for -- NOT contributions for things they want for themselves....but for contributions to their favourite CHARITIES!
Both William and Kate have lived more in the "real" world than any other Royals.....and I expect big changes. BUT NOT WITH NAMES! Hopefully, the throughly-traditional names given by this totally modern couple, MIGHT just start a new trend? Here's hoping!

Thanks again for your comment, Kelly -- and for your breath of fresh air....and sanity!!!!

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Newbie Baby Namers Make

Apr 10th 2011 10:26PM Dear Susan:

I didn't realize I could just pres the "reply" button to reply to your comment. I added another comment, (April 10th at 10:21 PM)
about it. If you wish, scroll to 10:21 PM to see my comment. Many thanks!

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Newbie Baby Namers Make

Apr 10th 2011 10:20PM Dear Susan:
I'm glad you were able to change your name to something you enjoy. Sadly, my dad wasn't that lucky. AFTER he died, I found a paper, stating that he wanted to petition the court to change his name BACK to it's original form. He was named "Abraham", but wanted to change his name to "Arthur" -- and did! But, being single at the time, he had to put up with his three brothers and three sisters calling him "Arthur" only fasceitiously, in a taunting manner.
The poor guy couldn't stand that, and so had to change his name back to "Abraham". IN THIS AGE OF 'DO YOUR OWN THING', WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST LET EACH OTHER B E THEMSELVES? I can VOICE MY OPINION on whether a person should call themselves "Ian" or "Isadore"....but in the end, Each Person Should Make Their OWN Decisions. Other people's posts may give THEIR opinions....but they are all here ONLY for discussion's sake. In the end, it's each individual's CHOICE as to what to name their baby. And also, it SHOULD be that baby's choice, (when he or she grows up), to change it, if they wish, as they see fit, with NO criticusm from anyone!

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Newbie Baby Namers Make

Apr 10th 2011 10:07PM Dear Amy:
The name "Asher" is also a family name for my nephew's wife.
What is wrong with it is that it CLASSIFIES a person with that name. Unlike "George", or "Phillip", the name "Asher" is not, (ahem), what may (usually), be called a "Christian" name. In fact -- just like my own (Old Testament), Biblial name, it can EASILY bring anti-Semites out of the woodwork! With all the OTHER problems in the world, why drag along even the POSSIBILITY of dredging up ugly anti-Semitism from the minds of employers, would-be employers, fellow workers, neighbours, and etc.? As the name "Guiermo" can bring out anti-Italian feelings -- why not just call yourself "George"? Prejudice in the world, indeed, may be dying....but it's sadly not dead yet. If my name were "Tayesha",
most people would think I was Black. If my name were "Tayesha", I would change it to "Patricia" -- fast. Prejudice against Jews, Italians, Blacks -- and Irish, and Hispanics, and Asians, and other minority's STILL with us, sadly, and shows up at the most unexpected moments. Better to have the name "George", and GET your "foot in the door", and SHOW yourself to be a good person, and THEN have them ask, "Are you REALLY Italian", (etc.), than call yourself "Guermo", (or "Asher", or other ethnic name), and NOT be able to "get your foot in the door", at all!


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