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Antonio Banderas absent for part of Melanie's battle with addiction

Sep 23rd 2011 1:50PM Quit with the excuses, Melanie! That's all your "it runs in the family" is. Addiction is a choice, not a disease! People don't choose cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, etc., but they do choose to use. Addiction is a very self-centered choice. Get rid of your arrogance and you will finally be on your way to permanent recovery!

Prince William and Kate Middleton Name Royal Wedding Party

Feb 15th 2011 1:50AM I don't know what it is, but anything to do with, or about Camilla just rubs me wrong!

Amy Winehouse's Controversial MOBO Performance

Sep 24th 2007 1:20AM And you thought Britney was bad?!?! At least Ms. Spears didn't look like she was going to fall over every second (broken heel and all)! Geeeeez - I love Ami's voice but not enough to watch her humiliate herself by performing while obviously high!


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