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Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 3:12PM Hay! Leave them alone for a change!! Yes, they are a happy lovely couple..But cut them a break of what they eat, wear the go to the bathroom, what they wear, or where do they sleep?? WHO CARES!! They just want to be like regular normal people..I totally understand of protection like protecting the president..That is totally understandable..=)..

That Movie EXISTS?!: 'Titanic II' - Another Big Ship, Another Epic Disaster

Sep 26th 2010 4:22PM Titanic 2??? What, are people seeing a ghost ship in the Atlantic Ocean like Ghostbusters??? lol.

That Movie EXISTS?!: 'Titanic II' - Another Big Ship, Another Epic Disaster

Sep 26th 2010 4:17PM Oh gosh! Hollywood is running out soo many ideas for movies now a days!! Maybe one of us should do a movie contest of our lives in documentaries and win big $$$$$$$!!! lol...

The Bush Daughters, a Secret Service Headache

Jul 22nd 2009 12:10AM You know what folks? I am going be very open and honest. Not just the state of "Texas" that is rude..but whoever you all are that your saying the same things likes this over and over is YOU!!!!!..Your the ones are jealous cuz they are young girls and beautiful..and they just want to have FUN like all young men and women!!! is that a FREAKIN PROBLEM??!!!they R HUMAN!!''..we all made MISTAKES..WE ALL LEARN FROM please stop to be RUDE AND HYPOCRITS to your american thy neighbor is very important!!

Heart Attack on a Plate

Jun 15th 2009 5:35PM Ever heard a DOUNUT BURGER?..2 glazed dounut bun, the meat in the middle with EVERYTHING on it?..I heard that is like 5,000 thats

Heart Attack on a Plate

Jun 15th 2009 5:29PM Actually..that is crazy n hilarious..but hey..we all live once..America is the fattest place in the world!! looks pretty good..But, its all good..Just do a lot of cardio to burn it off as much you can!lol..

Bo is 'Crazy,' Says Michelle Obama

Apr 25th 2009 5:07PM Mrs. Obama is human as well for those who is jealous? well that is your problem! So she says the dog is "crazy"..sooo what!!! If he is going to rip a famouse wall in some room of Lincoln's soo be it!!lol..Don't worry..Be happy =)

Man Drops Dead While Playing 'Wii Fit'

Mar 31st 2009 7:33AM Are they for real??? I have been using the Wiifit for like 4 months and loving it..Just got to pay attention with the wii remote..Im 27 years old and to me I feel very toned..super slim and feeling greaat..I love the wii..It has help me taught me to balance correctly..improve posture..I love YOGA!!!If she got that black has to be the kickboxing part..that was hard for me and I got the hang of it..but haven't ever get knocked up from it,,lol..May God be them and family....

Barbie Banned in West Virginia?

Mar 5th 2009 7:34AM Oh my gosh!! are you for real?? whos idea was this???? I've use to play barbies allll the time...soooo what she has a figure...what about Ken?? Are they going to melt him too..welll he does have a little bump down I don't see any wrong with it...It has to be Obama's congress libs and dems..they are taking our freedom...I get the feeling that Obama will not last,,y not McCain people??it is not his fault that Bush made a mess..McCain is more a protector then Obama.....Pray he won't change this country into cuba...or vens...we have to fight to keep this country freedom that are against socialism and com...cuz I am 100% against it..becareful what you wish for!

Taunting Prospects

Oct 9th 2008 7:42PM by the way..what is an "Acorn" that this Utube have on these people?..Can someone please explain to me what is it?=)


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