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Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella Reveals Her Winning Red Hair Color Tips

Jun 27th 2011 1:10PM Dude...they are pageant girls, they're all somewhat "fake".

'Firestarter' Remake Warming Up

Dec 16th 2010 7:58AM For the love of everything holy...could we please stop remaking every movie???

Doesn't anyone have any new ideas anymore??????

TNT Cancels 'Dark Blue'

Nov 17th 2010 11:45PM I tried to watch it, but it was too dark, and way too boring!!

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Kim Zolciak on Her Wardrobe Malfunction, Wigs, and Plastic Surgery

Oct 19th 2010 4:42PM If she's a size 2, then what are the other, smaller Housewives???? They must be in the negative numbers!!!!

And the only thing on her thats 32 is her IQ!!!!!!

TNT, TBS Order 4 Pilots, Including 'Dallas' Update

Sep 9th 2010 8:00PM OMG!!! I loved that show!!!!

'80s Hair Icons Finesse, AquaNet and Pantene Revamp and Return

Jul 7th 2010 9:42PM Pantene never went away, did it?

Sarah Jessica Parker Feels 'Old and Tired,' Doesn't Relate to Carrie, According to Heat Interview

May 18th 2010 6:44PM Man...from the posts on here it sounds like everyone is a beauty queen!!

Dad of the year, K-Fed lands 7 figure endorsement deal

Jul 6th 2008 2:51PM Funny how he only became a good dad when the baby momma had lots of money!!!


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