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Howie Mandel's Got Talent (and OCD): 'I'm a Professional Neurotic'

Jul 3rd 2011 11:48AM If he can't hug or even shake hands, how does he stay married and how did he produce 3 children??????

Tatum O'Neal on Her Dad, Aging and Addiction

Jun 15th 2011 6:17PM Yes, Tatum's mom name was Joanna Moore. She was a beautiful talented woman. Every now and then you can see a rebroadcast of the Andy Griffith show where she plays a nurse. She had a sad past herself as she was orphaned very early in life. Family friends had adopted her. Joanna ended up with substance abuse living with a very young man. Seems like this family all has the same problems. Probably from living in Hollywood.

Ellen Barkin Living With 'Diner' Director's Son, 26

Jun 2nd 2011 4:43PM She's smart. She's sexy. She's got a fantastic personality. She's got loads of talent. She can do whatever she wants. She's what most women want to be. I wouldn't mind be Ellen. Love ya E!!!

Chelsea Handler Admits Abortion at 16, Loathes '16 and Pregnant'

May 25th 2011 2:35PM Why is it that teenagers cannot say 'no' to sex? Until drugs really creeped into our culture from the '70's on, if you knew one girl pregnant in high school, that was a lot. She also was not allowed to stay in school but when to an 'unwed mother's home'. Our parents ruled the home and knew where we were at all times because they CARED. We kids were resentful but that's how kids react. As adults today, we are so grateful. Of course, our parents had more rights than today's parents do. Life is so out of whack today it's scary to think what it'll be like in the future.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Took Care' of Baby Mama

May 19th 2011 8:39PM Unlike JFK, he didn't have his girlfriend wacked.

Maria Shriver: 'This Is a Painful and Heartbreaking Time'

May 17th 2011 5:10PM No one knows what happens in a marriage except the two people who are in the marriage. It's their business, and no one elses. FYI, Maria knows better than anyone else as the Kennedy men have not been the most faithful husbands.

Stevie Nicks Says 'Stupid' Doctor 'Ruined My Life for Eight Years'

May 10th 2011 9:11PM Yeah. She should have just stayed on the coke. It would have kept her thin. Let's not be concerned about her ODing. Stupid woman. The drugs fried her brain.

She Got a Car (!) and Built a Dream

May 6th 2011 2:52PM This woman has accomplished a wonderful dream. She does not sit on her behind and wishes that someone would drop a bucket of money in her lap. She used her 'gift' to start a business which in turn employs other people giving them 'jobs'.

Queen Elizabeth II Wears Canary Yellow Angela Kelly Design to Royal Wedding

May 1st 2011 10:24AM The yellow was a perfect soft color for her. Very flattering and it went perfectly with the prominent colors in the heraldry and uniforms: gold, black, blue and red. Any other color would have clashed especially with her husband uniform.

Royal Wedding Celebrity Guests [PHOTOS]

Apr 29th 2011 3:30PM Obviously, you are!


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