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Mariah Carey's Hilarious HSN Appearance

Jul 27th 2011 10:34AM I agree with steve, she was just laughing, happy and having fun and laid back. If she would've been up there acting all arrogant and serious, then someone would have had a problem with that. She has a sense of humor, what's wrong with that. Too bad the folks making negatives comments don't. You can't be happy these days without being on drugs or drunk? I've never seen anyone on drugs or drunk in my neighborhood on the corner looking happy when I pass by. They look sad, depressed and worn down, and believe me, they aren't having fun and laughing.

Snapped: Beyonce's Harper's Bazaar Photo Shoot

Apr 30th 2011 3:29PM I'm so tired of the media hype about this B. She's not the only pretty girl in the world with a nice body. She can't even sing all that great, nothing special about her.

Pippa Middleton's Glamorous Green Royal Wedding Reception Dress

Apr 30th 2011 3:25PM Who are you grandma, the plunge is too low, trashy? I'd like to see the grandma clothing you wear, no not really, anyway, the plunge isn't too low. I guess you cover yourself head to toe all the time, even wearing turtle necks in the summer.....

Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 3:16PM Oh go to h-ll you b-tch, GRACE LOLA. You don't sound so classy yourself. All Americans may be fat according to you, but I've never seen so many messed up teeth and face people as the English people, maybe you're one of them, maybe Will and Kate will pay for your dental work and face lift, ask them and see.

Losing Love Made Nura Decide to Change Her Life, and Lose 19 Inches

Apr 30th 2011 3:02PM I hate men, why is it always up to them to continue seeing you or dump you. It's never what you want, you can never have who you want, the types of guys that approach me, ugly, short, old, skinny, broke, I wish I didn't care about other's feelings so I can tell them get your ugly, old, broke, short, skinny a$$ out of my face. I used to be 146lbs in 2004 after my ex didn't want to see me at the end of 2005 U started gaining weight and now I'm over 200lbs. Why me, why not him I should've gotten rid of his old a$$, and told him he was old, since he lied to me when we first met and told me he was 10 years younger than he really is. He's one of those old guys who has the nice body, works out, tall and fine who doesn't look his age, but if I had told him I'm dumping you because you're old, and since he already had a problem with his age, that would've got to him. If he ever tries to get back with me, because we dated twice, this time I will tell him, you're too old.

Victoria's Secret Destroys Returned, Unworn Merchandise

Apr 28th 2011 8:03PM What about merchandise that people try on in the stores? Should those clothes be destroyed or thrown away too? Just wash the stuff before you wear it, I do.

Double Take: Littlest Kardashian Sisters, Beauties in Blue!

Apr 23rd 2011 10:36PM They're Jenners' not Kardashians. Tired of the damn Ho-dashians. Please someone take them away, too bad they weren't in the WTC on 911.

Tyra Banks & André Leon Talley Give Fashion Advice on 'Type F'

Apr 23rd 2011 10:29PM Oh brother, with her silly acting self, no class, no composure, just a fool, uncouth, I'm glad she ended her talk show, now they just need to stop showing the f'n repeats, find something else to put in that spot tacky WPIX, you know they're tacky with Maury and Jerry.

I do agree with the way some women walk in heels bending their knees because the heel is too high, especially these young teen girls, who have no sexiness about them at all today, but swear up and down they're sexy and can walk in heels. Stay young while you're young, please, don't try to be grown because you'll be grown enough and hate it.

Notable/Quotable: John Legend Bashes Donald Trump Over Obama Birther Flap

Apr 12th 2011 10:02AM Some of you people need to learn how to spell, using their for they're and your for you're, and it's a lot of you whites who can't spell.

Anyway, I saw about five minutes of that Donald Trump interview on channel 4, when the only thing that he could talk about is "I want to see his birth certificate." Over and over again, that's when he made himself look like a fool. Who goes around asking to see people's birth certificates?

Let us see yours Donald Trump, don't look like you were born on this planet with your red face, bird mouth, and that stupid hair, you have money, go to hair club for men or Bosley you bald idiot. White people want to talk about black's hair, but at least most of us keep ours when we get older, and don't end up looking like Homer Simpons ugly boss, like you all do.

Candie's Double Standard? The Sexy Approach to Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Apr 8th 2011 12:33PM Why pay someone who's already rich, pay me, I'll do it. She's a priviledged child with one child. I need that type of money to take care of my family, unemployment ran out, savings gone, and it was a decent one, but if you have nothing to put in it, it goes away. Candie find me through AOL, anyone can be found through AOL if they send something bad enough to get you in trouble over the internet, so have AOL mail me a check on your behalf. I've been unemployed since August 2007, had a temp job for a day in 2009, almost had a along term temp assignment in January of 2010 until it was cancelled, went on one interview late summer of last year, but nothing. I have four children, send me the money, I'll be a better spokesperson than some rich kid with a kid, who will never be poor. Somebody help me with my finances, please.


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