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Rob Olson of Lake Elmo, Minn., Destroys His Entire Lawn With Weed Killer

Jul 17th 2012 10:12AM he is probably using this venue to put "feelers" out to get someone to host his event. I hope he finds one as cysitc fibrosis charities need the donations desperately. He also doesn't want the event on dead grass as it could rain and cause mud (remember Woodstock). Good luck !

AIG warns its workers as public furor grows

Mar 21st 2009 12:14AM AIG needs to flatline. .....but Congress won't allow that to happen. We, the real taxpayers will have to foot the bill forever...that's the way the big boys play. It will go on till there are no more 'little guys" to squeeze money from....which will be very soon by the look of this economy. Obama can't fix this screw-up...nobody can cause the ones that can fix it...don't want closed.

Crocs cause 40 escalator accidents

Sep 14th 2007 10:24AM I too thought the CROC'S were ugly. Then I bought a pair.....WOW what comfortable shoes ! I have arthritic knees and wearing the CROC'S has helped ease the pain a lot. I definately am buying another pair, maybe two. I wouldn't wear them to a wedding or formal dinner party..but...for everyday...they're great. As for using an aware...escalators are dangerous anyway , CROC'S or not !! Also, they are only slippery if your feet get wet on the inside, but there are still traction "ribs" for that. Don't buy the knockoffs , they aren't the same, trust me, I compared them already.

David Blaine to hang from Brooklyn Bridge

Jun 20th 2006 11:36PM love the magic...hate the stunts..back to basics, man


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