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Courtney Love | Style Evolution

Jul 9th 2011 3:41PM I thought that Vampires could not come out in the daylight. Here's the deal, sure, skin cancer is a major threat. However, there ARE tanning products that one can rub sun exposure needed.

PLEASE someone needs to inform these people that Pale looks Horrible! Not appealing at all!! YUCK!!

Paparazzi Shorts: Stars In Their Favorite Denim Cutoffs

Jun 28th 2011 9:04PM Harvey, Rhianna looks MARVELOUS! She has long, sexy legs.

Please take your venomous filth somewhere else! Pitiful subhuman criton

Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman Look Fabulous at 40-Something at 'Just Go With It' Premiere

Feb 10th 2011 2:08PM sorry, but NOT stunning...just Frail and Pale

Blonde in Lingerie and Wheelchair Gets Extensive TSA Pat Down in Oklahoma

Jan 4th 2011 1:56PM Why is this such a surprise? American culture markets caucasian females as "whores to the world".. Especially, ...blondes. Moreover, they market themselves that way.

So, what does one expect??

Who's the Boss? Not a Woman

Dec 22nd 2010 5:20PM sorry, but as a woman, I prefer to work for a man. They keep their emotions in check, do not get caught up in petty jealousy, etc.

Men get the job done!

Karin Herzog Tone & Tan - I Tried It!

Dec 20th 2010 5:43PM Hurry, ship it out to EVERY zip code warehoused in the census database that identifies "non color"

Willow Smith Whips Her Candy Cane Hair Extensions

Dec 6th 2010 8:19PM Poor, pathetic, insignifcant "pink toe". She has more MONEY than you ever will...Ha! ha!

Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and Kirsten Dunst In Black Lace

Dec 3rd 2010 5:43PM ONE WORD....TAN...PLEASE!! Pale is NOT Appealing!

Celebrity Beauty Looks of the Day: Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry and Amber Heard

Nov 20th 2010 12:36PM Halle is SO NATURALLY beautiful, she doesn't need all of the enhancements that her counterparts do.

Women of color simply do not age.

Hairstyles by Face Shape: The Perfect Haircut for an Oval Face With Thick, Wavy Hair

Sep 25th 2010 4:37PM The Bob cut looks GREAT! Polished, Healthy and classic.

The long stringy, unkept hair looks GROSS! Moreover, it is SO Unsanitary!!


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