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City Where It's Now Illegal to Smoke in Your Own Home

Nov 23rd 2013 9:23AM are they going to have smoker police and raid homes
to see if that person is smoking?

Woman's Belongings Lost When Repo Crew Empties Wrong House

Aug 30th 2013 6:24PM even if the home was being repo'd that doesnt mean they can destroy her belongings. This is everything else now days is sickening.

Phoenix Home Wrecked in Hostage Standoff -- Who's Responsible?

May 27th 2013 3:58PM The cops created the damage-let them pay to fix it. Like the reporter
said he had never seen anyhting like that before.

'Sharpie Parties' Wreak Havoc on Foreclosed Homes

Aug 19th 2012 4:26PM While my opinion deviates from most here I'll comment

The banks and mortgage companies have shown no mercy
to the homeowner. They will foreclose in a NY minute
and could care less about the people. Banks and mortgage
companies have cheated and defrauded the consumer and for
the most part that is why there is a housing crisis today.

While i DO NOT condone trashing a home - I cant help but
ADMIRE those that do because for once the little people
are fighting back.

Family Faces Eviction Over Toddler's Noise

Feb 1st 2012 7:17PM this is news?

Teenager Owes $600,000 in Mortgage Loans After ID Theft

Oct 17th 2011 11:58AM how can a 16 or 17 year old girl get a $600k home loan?
They just dont hand over that money on request. Something
isn't quite accurate here- at all.

Mom Says Son's Life Was Saved Because of Facebook

Jul 15th 2011 8:01PM my thoughts exactly- the story just doesnt add up.

Mom Says Son's Life Was Saved Because of Facebook

Jul 15th 2011 7:59PM good god- she didnt take the kid back a second time to let the dr's diagnose him- 1400 facebook comments and 3 said it was this disease?

Did the facebook people cure him?

This is nothing more than a publicity stunt for Facebook which
I would not give a plugged nickle for.

Chris 'Drama' Pfaff: Taking a 'Young & Reckless' Approach to Business

Jul 15th 2011 5:15PM he looks trashy- needs to shave and shower.


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