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Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson

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Town Finds 'God Bless America' Signs in Violation, Threatens Fines

Oct 5th 2013 9:31AM A patriotic sign read: Support the troops or Throw out the Republicans.... God Bless America is a religious sign and is offensive to non believers like myself.

Gun Owner Sean Blakley Says Landlord Is Evicting Him Over Firearms

Mar 17th 2013 11:20AM Wrong, I am a liberal voter who supports gun rights and I don't support gay marriage so take your label machine and throw it in the trash. You sound like Shaun Hannity....
This is a case of one stupid landlord, not Obama coming to get your guns. Will you guys ever grow up?

In Italy's Heel, Obama's A Rock Star

May 15th 2012 1:59PM Has anyone seen the PBS frontline investigation of wallstreet that just came out? It is incredible and everyone in America should see it. Want to know what our President is made of? Check this out and please pass it on.... Take care.

Jessica Simpson | Style Evolution

Jul 10th 2011 9:29PM He has got to be one of the hottest young ladies to ever hit the tabloids...
Such a pretty face and a killer body, who ever she is with is one lucky SOB...

Pal: 'Heartbroken' Hef Thought Crystal Was the One

Jun 15th 2011 2:29PM You have got to be joking, tell me your joking. This guy has had more women than the average guy will meet in a lifetime. And he is heartbroken, I can't stop laughing....

Raquel Welch Takes on Porn Culture, Feminist Snobs

May 1st 2011 6:44AM Nice lady, who did what she had to do to make it through those years of her life, too bad she has bought into the notion of a GOD out there somewhere.
Just another example of a weak minded human being, who can't accept that it's just us humans here....

Top 10 Most Eligible Princesses

Apr 13th 2011 9:43AM Really folks, who gives a crap about brits and their so called royalty?

Robert Redford Opens Up About Infant Son's Death

Jan 21st 2011 7:10PM Redford is great, he has done so many wonderful films. As a top of the line director and actor who no longer needs to concern himself with money, I wish he and other well known actors and directors would get involved on politics. If they didn't want to serve in office, they could heavily promote candidates that really know how to turn things around and wouldn't sell us out like current crooked politicians in Washington DC.....

Who Could Be The Next Kardashians?

Jan 21st 2011 2:29PM Please no more of this stuff, so many people in this country can't
even pay their bills and these shows only serve to rub in their faces
even more. Plus, these shows really are quite stupid...

Who Will Be a Comeback Kid in 2011?

Jan 2nd 2011 10:36AM WHO GIVES A S#%T?...........


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