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Thelma Taormina, Houston Homeowner, Pulls Gun on a Utility Worker Installing Smart Meters

Jul 24th 2012 1:46PM She may own the property but she does not own the meter. The meter is the property of the electric company. I agree with others that if she refused the meter then she would have to find other means to get her electricity by a certain time. Once the time had come turn all power off. She refused the electric company's service, then she should find other means for electricity. A gas generator perhaps? Then she will have to face the oil giants pricing! Or go all solar..... maybe further in the future!

Is 'The Last Airbender' Racist ... or Just Drawn That Way?

Jul 2nd 2010 1:34AM OK ...why does race have to come out of every critics mouth when a new movie is released. So what they chose actors from 1 certian geographic location. I for 1 am not biased over race religion or anything else of that matter, just the bickering of others complaining they are being downgraded by others when they are assuming out the butt. Who cares. Sit down shut up and watch a darn movie with out fighting over who plays who. Go ahead and mock my paragraph of writting etticut and spellings wile yu r at it! There i gave u a reason to bicker.Silly nonsense!!!!


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